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Meet Madame Gretchen #amwriting

My goal for November is to get a couple of projects done, one of which is the short story that won your votes several weeks ago. The project has grown from a simple short story to be sold for 99 cents to a novella with multiple chapters and multiple characters. By the time I’m done, there will be 6-7 chapters detailing Madame Gretchen and a six-week class she teaches on kink.

I thought you might like a sneak peek…remember, this is completely unedited.

Meet Madame Gretchen

Let’s see here. We have a couple of switches, three submissives, and a Dominant.

Looking up from her roster, she scanned the crowd to figure out who was who. It was a little game she liked to play before each new class began. She was rarely wrong.

Staring at the twenty-something girl dressed all in black, popping gum and doing her best to appear cool. Switch.

The youngish male next to her, wearing the spiked collar and too-baggy jeans was probably her boyfriend. Switch.

Ahhh, let’s see, older, thin man with graying hair? Sub. Curvy woman with her head down, hair covering her face, probably thinks she’s fat, definite submissive. Older woman, shy smile, busy hands, submissive. Little?

The door slamming shut interrupted her thoughts. She smirked as her last student walked in.

Tall, heavily-muscled, walking with swagger and too much confidence. I bet he thinks he’s a Dominant.

Standing at the front of the class, riding crop in hand, Madame Gretchen appraised her new students with an icy gaze. Barely five feet tall with her brown hair pulled back in a severe bun, she was covered head to toe in black latex. Her six inch heels gave her height, but there was no denying the petite girlishness of her body. High, round breasts, narrow hips, and flat stomach, she looked more girl-next-door than kick-ass Dominatrix.

If she didn’t scare the hell out of a class on the first day, she would have to resort to harsher methods to make sure they learned to respect her capabilities. Smacking the crop against her hand, she allowed the silence to stretch out a moment longer.

“Sex education’s come a long way since I was a girl.” Her eyes scanned the room, taking in her new students. “You know the basics, I’m sure. Tab A fits into slot B, and all that.”
She looked at the students in front of her. A few dutifully nodded. She always liked the obedient ones. “Now, you’re here for more. Most likely because someone thinks you’re a bad lay. And you probably are.”

A few students shifted uncomfortably. Someone snorted in derision. Madame Gretchen arched one eyebrow.

“Some of you think this is a joke. Some of you think you don’t belong here but you’re willing to do anything to gain admittance to the Iron Maiden.” She smirked, her lips twitching in private amusement. The local BDSM club, The Iron Maiden, was exclusive and set the highest standards in the lifestyle. Everyone who was admitted to the club and dungeon had to complete a series of courses to make sure they understood the BDSM lifestyle how to stay safe, sane, and consensual. It also helped to weed out the wannabees, fakes, and abusers. “If you think you’re so goddamned good, come on up here and see if you can bring me to orgasm. In front of everyone.”

This was the same speech she gave at the beginning of each new class. The obedient ones always blushed and looked down at their hands or the ground, afraid to make eye contact. The ones who probably wouldn’t last to the next session zoned out or pretended not to listen. But there was always at least one who thought they didn’t need to be here, that they knew everything about sex. Ah, there, the Dominant. She should have known.

She smiled to herself. Defiance could be fun – at least for her. An easy way to set an example for the class, and fun to break. Shaking herself out of her reverie, she let the silence linger for a moment or two. They always fidgeted, always. Except for that one in the back.

Off to a good start, right? I’m working on chapter three right now. The characters are all fun, and I’m letting them drive the story. All I know is that there’s a bit of kinky fuckery in each one – the rest is up to them.

If “The Iron Maiden” sounds familiar, that’s the name of the short story in the erotic anthology Masquerade. You should get a copy – and not just for the hawt Sir and Babygirl story.

Oh, and remember, anyone who is subscribed to receive emails from me will receive a copy of this book for free once it’s released. Woohoo!

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