Masturbation Monday

I’m Going to Taste You #MasturbationMonday

“I’m hungry, girl. Tonight, I’m going to taste you…and eat you.”

Good Lord. He sounded like the Big Bad Wolf. My insides melted and my pussy clenched.

He whispered it to me on the phone. He breathed it in my ear while I was cooking dinner. The glint in his eye told me everything.

In bed, later, I knew what he wanted, but I have also learned it’s better to lie in wait than to rush anything.

Naked and already heating up from the inside out, I snuggled close to him, wondering what would happen and when…and how.

“I am going to drink from your body, Babygirl. I’m going to take every bit of your essence tonight. You’re going to feed me.”

I whimpered against his chest.

“And I’m going to do it all while your hot, sweet mouth is wrapped around my cock.”

I trembled.

He wrapped his hand through my hair and pulled until my lips brushed his cock. I opened up and took every inch of him down my throat. Quiet moans filled the room. I smiled slightly while my tongue pushed and stroked against his skin. My teeth gently grazed against him. Using my lips and tongue, I applied pressure to the tip until he threw his head back against the pillows.

Between gritted teeth, he grunted, “Get that ass over here, girl.”

I mounted his face without ever loosening my grip on his cock. His hold on my hips was merciless as he pulled my pelvis closer. I prepared myself for a full assault. The light, teasing touches of his tongue set off fireworks. I gasped, choking on his length. My body pulled away and he forced me back into position.

He teased me until I cried, unable to keep my mouth on him. Then he attacked.

His tongue was everywhere. Flicking against my clit. Spearing my slit. Tasting, torturing, owning my pussy. His pussy.

I tried, valiantly, to keep my mouth on his cock, but with every orgasm, my mouth slipped off of him. Finally, I pressed my face against his thigh and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through me.

Without a word, he pulled away, and guided my body back to the bed. He grabbed my hair and my arm, and moved me into position. Spent from multiple, countless orgasms, I was ready to cuddle. He had other ideas.

“Oh no, girl, I’m not done with you yet.”

Lying on our sides, he parted my legs and thrust deep. I hissed with pleasure.

His fingers dug into my hips. My fingers clawed his thigh.

His hand wrapped around my throat. My hand clung to the bed, bracing myself for the onslaught.

His palm connected with my cheek. My eyes rolled back in my head.

He thrust and thrust and thrust until…

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck!”

Just when I thought he had passed out from pleasure, I heard, “Who do you belong to, girl?”

Mmmmm, you Daddy…only you.

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