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I’m Sorry Man #WickedWednesday

“The truth is I loved her, man. I loved her so much.”

I glanced up from the beer I was staring into and over at the guy next to me. Was he talking to me? He put his hand on my shoulder like he knew me.

“You had to know I didn’t mean for any of it to happen. It just…fuck, it just did, man.”

Blood shot eyes, wrinkled clothes. The guy looked like he’d been through hell. I should have told him I didn’t know him, but my curious writer brain wanted to know more. I sat still, waiting.

“She loved you once. You have to know that. You were her whole world. But after you fucked Shelly, that was it. She told me, man, she told me that even after the counseling and saying she wanted to try again, she didn’t. She could never forgive you for fucking her best friend.”

I couldn’t keep the shock from my face. Surely, he’d figure out now that he had the wrong guy. But he was too drunk to notice.

“It was while you were away at a sales conference. I came over to return your bolt cutters. Remember man? Remember when fucking Nancy locked me out of my own god-damned shed just before she left? Didn’t think I’d cut that fucking lock off. But I did. Right man? Thanks to you.”

I nodded just a little. I knew I shouldn’t encourage him, but I was too curious now.

“Anyway, I brought them over and when she answered the door, I knew she’d been crying. We talked. I was lonely. She was sad. It just fucking happened.”

I grunted quietly. Enough to let him know I heard.

“The first time wasn’t intentional. But fucking hell man, her pussy was so sweet. You never told me she squirted. And when you pinch her nipples just right, her pussy grips your fucking cock like…awww, fuck…”

She sounded like my kind of woman, but she wasn’t. I couldn’t believe he was telling me all this. If I was the right guy, this would probably be where I stood up and punched him.

“I know I should have backed off. Hell, I should have fucking told you. But then she invited me over when you went to your dad’s funeral, and her best friend was there. I’d never had two women before. Fucking one, eating the other. Fuuuuuuuck, man.”

I shifted in my seat, growing uncomfortable with the details. I felt bad for the poor guy he thought he was talking to, but I couldn’t help but get a little turned on. I’d never had two women at the same time, either. Lucky – but dumb – fucking bastard.

“But then she got needy. She started calling all the time. Said she was going to leave you and be with me. Man, I didn’t want that. I’d just got rid of Nancy’s skank ass. I didn’t need another cheating bitch. If she’d do it to you, she’d do it to me, ya know?”

I nodded, a funny feeling squirming and rising through my gut. He was about to drop a fucking bomb, and I was a little afraid to know what it was.

“She came over unannounced. Promised she’d crawl on the ground, lick my boots, hell, lick my asshole if that’s what I wanted.”

I choked and coughed. She was sounding pretty good to me.

“Kinky fucking bitch. Dirty goddamned whore. So, man, I’m sorry, but I took care of her for you.”

I felt chills go up by spine. What the hell did he mean?

“Man, can I borrow your shovel?”

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt was to imagine a drunk guy sitting next to someone that he thinks he knows and confessing “the truth.” I just sort of started typing and this is what happened.

Wicked Wednesday

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