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A Series of Firsts #WickedWednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt centers around our firsts – first sexual experience, first kink experience, first…whatever. I’m a sexual being, if you hadn’t noticed. There are plenty of things left to try – and I can’t to try everything that turns me on! The first time you do anything, you feel something. This week, I give you a series of my firsts – and how they made me feel.

The first time I kissed a boybreathless

The first time a boy touched my pussyexcited but scared

The first time I had sexunsure

The first time I gave a blowjobpowerful beyond measure

The first time a man licked, ate, devoured my pussyout of control

The first time I touched my own pussyscared

The first time I purposely touched my pussy to orgasmdetermined

The first time I orgasmedreleased

The first time I read an erotic story onlinehot and bothered

The first time I looked at BDSM pictures onlineoverwhelmed and wet

The first time I kneeled for my Dominant – fulfilled

The first time I served my Dominantpurposeful

The first time I was spankedrelieved

The first time I was tied up – secure (no pun intended)

The first time I played in the Dungeonoverwhelmed

Every first time fills us with some feeling or emotion, sometimes they conflict. If done right, the second, third, 100th time is even better than the first. In my case, with every single thing I’ve listed here, it’s gotten better and better over time.

I look forward to many more firsts.

A challenge to all of you – what did some of your first (recent or in the past) make you feel? I’d love it if you shared in the comments or wrote something on your own blog. We know we’ve come along way, but seeing it like this makes it quite real.

Wicked Wednesday

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