The Question of the Hair Down There in a D/s Relationship #podcast

Thanks to a long-time friend and follower (you know who you are), I was given an interesting question to answer and topic suggestion for this week’s Loving BDSM podcast episode. It’s a question of whether it’s “typical” or “normal” for a submissive to wax or shave their genitals – usually women removing their pubic hair. She wanted to know what I thought, what I did, and if John Brownstone bared it all for me.

Well, yes, I’m a habitual waxer – full Brazilian, please and thank you. Yes, I prefer it that way. And yes, on occasion, a certain someone removes all the hair from around his cock and balls, too. Yummy!

Pubic hair is completely normal so it’s okay to be happy with whatever bush you’ve got. On the other hand, there are people like me who prefer to be bare and smooth. This week’s episode discusses how John Brownstone and I tackle this particular topic plus my take on it for D/s relationships.

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From the show:

  • A follower suggestion! Feel free to send in your own questions or topic suggestions.
  • Kayla waxes her pussy – because she prefers it that and because John Brownstone does, too.
  • Going bare has plenty of benefits.
  • Hair or bare, it’s all about personal preference
  • Shaving causes itchy stubble quicker than waxing but it doesn’t freak people out as much as wax.
  • Don’t think being hairless is “typical” just because you saw it in porn.
  • Pubic hair can be a negotiated term in a D/s relationship.
  • Submissives can ask their Dominant to shave or wax – but be prepared to accept the answer, even if it’s “No.”
  • There are no ugly pussies – so don’t let that be a reason that stops you.
  • For the guys, going hairless can make you look an inch bigger.

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