Masturbation Monday

Save the Sheets #MasturbationMonday #spanking

I needed every moment of the day.

A quick errand to the bank and Starbucks sans children that morning.

A day out to our local munch (with a coupon for lunch!) and then the BDSM discussion at the dungeon afterwards.

Dinner with my Daddy (again sans children – have I mentioned I really love having a babysitter?).

Pigtails all day long (a hair style approved by the 4 year old and Daddy).

Watching Tangled after the boys were in bed.

The painful (dare I say excruciating?) spanking when we finally went to bed…

The movie finished and we went up to bed. He’d told me the day before a spanking was in my future, but it had also been a long couple of days. I moved around the bedroom, preparing everything for bed as I do every night not sure anything would happen – it had been a long day. When I finished, I went down to my hands and knees in front of him. Not my usual kneeling position, but one that I hoped would turn him on.

He stroked my hair and the back of my neck. I arched my back and purred. The heat between us began to build. Simple touches, nothing erotic, but heat-inducing nonetheless.

“Stay right here.”

He moved away from me, and I felt the chill of the momentary loss. When he came back, I nuzzled his thigh, silently begging for his touch.


Something hard hit my ass. I hissed and arched my back again.


It felt round. The cane? I couldn’t tell, and the cane never felt so good before.

Each strike created a burning pain that radiated. I grunted a little with each impact.

Daddy’s fingers combed through my hair, holding my face to his thigh. The pain in my ass and his grip on my hair turned me into a docile puddle at his feet. He leaned forward and pushed two fingers against my panty-clad pussy. I moaned into his thigh. God it felt so good. I was nowhere near orgasm, but his touch was delicious.

I gasped when he grabbed my hair again and pulled me up onto the bed. He pulled my panties up, exposing my ass, forcing the cloth against my already tingling pussy.



He alternated between each side. Each smack becoming harder and harder. Mmmmmmmmm, I moaned into the mattress.

He was slow and methodical, ratcheting up the intensity a little more, moment by moment. He’d promised the day before he’d spank me until I safe-worded. I vowed to myself that I would take whatever he gave.


I sobbed into the mattress every time his hand made contact with my flesh. The pain was fast becoming unbearable. I writhed under his hand, my knees buckling as my toes strained to hold my position.


With one final strike, he knew I was done. He helped me crawl onto the bed and into his arms. He stroked my hair and made soothing noises. I purred and snuggled close without letting my ass touch anything. Heat radiated from my bottom, causing pain with the slightest touch.

Daddy growled in the back of his throat, barely audible. He pushed my head forward and grabbed my hips, yanking my panties down, dragging my bottom into his pelvis. He nudged my feet apart and thrust his cock into my soaked pussy.

I could feel each and every hair on his thigh against my tender bottom. The pain mixed with the pleasure of his thrusting cock. I hissed and grunted, moaned and panted.


His palm connected with my cheek. My eyes rolled back in my head. Endorphins flooded my body. I became nothing more than his fucktoy as my mind floated off into subspace.

One final thrust, and he growled his release. He dug his fingers into my hips as he filled my body with his seed.

He collapsed behind me, one arm thrown over my waist. I could feel the trickling of sticky cum sliding down my thighs to sheets.

I need to get cleaned up and save the sheets.

We woke up an hour later, still lying in awkward positions across the bed, the smell of sex lingering in the air. I no longer cared about the sheets.

Daddy managed to get up and turn out the lights. I dragged myself across the bed so I could lay on my own pillow. He dragged me into his arms as we both fell back asleep.


The room was pitch black. My eyes refused to open. What was happening?

I smiled a little at the familiar pull of my hips into his groin. I arched my back and spread my legs a little. I could still smell sex. I knew he probably just wanted to slip inside and go back to sleep. I didn’t mind.

To my surprise, he began to gently thrust in and out, slow at first, almost tentative. Minutes later, my breathy moans and his grunts filled the space around us. Faster and faster, he fucked me until…

“Unnnnnnnngh!” He was sated, and I was a dripping mess.

After we pulled apart, I had enough energy to get out of the bed and clean myself off (and pee).

I collapsed in the bed again and smiled as I drifted off. Sheets saved.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I knew for the first one, my post had to be a good one. Thankfully, I happen to be madly in love with a man who makes sure I always have plenty of blog fodder (and spankings, don’t forget the spankings!)

Masturbation Monday

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