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Perfectly Laid Plans #writing #excerpt

I’ve finally had time to work on the next Sir and Babygirl book. The first in the series looked at the beginning of their relationship. The next will focus on the development of that relationship, with a bit of kinky fuckery thrown in, of course. That being said, the completely unedited excerpt that I’m sharing is from a story with zero sex. I’m still in the editing process so that might change (but I doubt it). The story just didn’t need sex.

My plan for the next one is for each short story to stand on it’s own, but when connected and read back-to-back to tell the story of Katie and Johnathan as they move further into their D/s relationship. If you haven’t gotten your copy of The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl yet, scroll to the very bottom for the purchase links.

Straightening his tie, Johnathan took one last look in the mirror before heading out. Dialing as he walked to the car, he knew tonight would be magical for both of them.

“Hello?” The sound of her husky voice made his heart pound.

“Hey there. How’s my Babygirl?”

She giggled. “I’m good, Sir. Are you on your way?” He noted the impatience in her voice.

“Yes, Babygirl, I am. Someone sounds a bit impatient.”

“I’m trying not to be, but it’s been too long. I’m ready for you to be here!” If he didn’t know better, he could imagine Babygirl stamping her foot at him.

Sir navigated the streets of his neighborhood before finally hitting the interstate, flying down the road to see his Babygirl. She chattered on about her day, her daughter Olivia’s upcoming birthday, and her fears and concerns. He listened with an indulgent smile on his face.

“I know what to do about that,” Sir replied after a lengthy diatribe from Babygirl about her stress level from a hectic job, crying four-year-old and a pending visit from her mother.

Her giggle caused a tightening in his pants. “I bet you do, Sir.”

“I’ve got exactly what you need, girl.” His voice was almost a growl. “And don’t you ever forget it.”

Sir’s thoughts turned to his plans for the evening. The boys were old enough to be left on their own for the night, and he was taking full advantage of that fact. He thought about his packed bag in the trunk. Shorts, tee-shirts, and a few new toys to play with tonight. His palm itched at the memory of the last time he turned Babygirl’s ass red. His cock hardened as he pictured the look of rapture on Babygirl’s face after the last hard spanking followed by an even harder fucking. He knew exactly what she needed to dim the noise in her mind and allow her to relax.

BUMP! SCREEEEEEECH! Sir’s car bumped and shuddered along the road.

“Fuck! A flat tire!” Sir gripped the steering wheel and pulled onto the shoulder of the road.

“Are you ok? Is everything ok? Sir?!” Babygirl’s voice filled with tears.

“Hush, sweet girl. I’m fine. It’s just a flat tire.” Sir quelled his growing aggravation at the delay in order to soothe Babygirl. “Let me go so I can deal with this, and I’ll give you a call as soon as I’m back on the road. It shouldn’t take too long, Babygirl. I lo…” He choked back the last words. “I’ll call you soon.”

I hope to have the next one out very, very soon. In the meantime, make sure to get your copy of the first book to meet Sir and Babygirl and learn how they met.

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