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I’m guessing you might have noticed the deluge of posts this week. Well, I had obligations to fulfill as a writer, and I don’t like to deviate from my schedule, so I just doubled up on posts for a few days. That’s not obsessive at all. It’s called dedication, so there. 😛

Today’s the day – moving day. And it’s the start of my moving/vacation/celebration that I get to be with my Daddy! Yay!

We’re going off the grid for a week – no social media, no posting, no nothing. We’re going to enjoy each other for a solid week. But I can’t not have posts scheduled…I just can’t! (It’s not obsessive, it’s dedication, dammit!)

For the next week, I’m posting songs that speak to me about our relationship. Be shocked that today it’s Happy by Pharrell Williams.

I cannot describe how happy I am!



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