Masturbation Monday

Orgasms Interrupted #MasturbationMonday

“Daddy? I have a question.” Could he sense my nervousness through text message?

“Certainly, babygirl.”

“Could we play tonight? With the wand? I need to be wrung dry please.”

“There is a distinct possibility that we can, babygirl.”


I spent the rest of the day keeping the boys busy. I wanted them exhausted at bedtime.

Finally, a long day ended. Everyone was tired. The four year old was asleep and snoring loudly within moments. The eight year old was quiet.

“I will be leaving for home in a few minutes. You are to get out the vibrating butt plug, insert it, and put these panties on over it. Then wait for me.” He’d sent a picture of my hot pink panties that say “Tease” across the ass. Appropriate.

I shivered. I gulped. I rushed around to close up the house for the night and ready myself for him. I closed the youngest boy’s bedroom door and looked in on the oldest. No movement. I left the hallway light on just in case someone needed one last trip to the bathroom.

Rummaging through the toy drawer (separate from the toy chest), I found the lube and the plug. I gulped again. I’d forgotten how big the damn thing was at the base. I stood by the edge of the bed, two towels at the ready in anticipation for a wet night ahead. Lubing up the plug, I felt a flush creep up my entire body. I bent over the bed, turned on the plug, and slowly began to insert it.

I gasped at how easily the first section went in. The second followed just as easily. The third and widest section refused. I managed to pull the panties on and sat down on the bed. The plug eased in a little more. Oh fuck. It hurt so good. I changed the vibrations. Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that felt good. 

Within moments, I was whimpering. My forehead was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. My breasts were hot to the touch. Shit, when would Daddy call? I wasn’t sure how much I could take. It had been too long, too fucking long.

A text message.

“Lightly, slowly rub your clit through your panties while I get myself ready for bed.”

I whimpered. My fingers moved in time to the thumping vibrations beneath my body. I exhaled my whimpers to keep as quiet as possible.

The phone rang. “Hel-hel-hello, Dad-deeeeeeeeeee!”

His voice was gruff and sent bolts of lightning straight through my body. “Touch your clit girl. If you can cum through your panties, go ahead.”

I applied more pressure to my clit. My body folded in on itself and then lengthened as the orgasm built. Electricity crept from the soles of my feet upward, filling my body with need. Each swirl of my fingers was painful and sweet at the same time. Panting and gasping, I breathed, “Oh yesssssssss, oh God, yessssssssssssssssssssssss!”

“Give me your orgasms, girl. Give me all of them!” His voice sent me over the edge. I was ferocious in my need. My body spasmed against the thumping, vibrating plug still buried in my ass. Out of breath, I collapsed against my pillows.

No rest allowed. “Get the wand girl. Turn it on low. Set it on your mons. Don’t go near that clit.”

I fumbled for the wand and then the right setting. Low vibrations against my mound. Pulsing vibrations still in my ass. “Oh, Daddy, this feels so good. Ohhhhhh…”

“Mom? Are you ok?” My hand started to shake as I turned off the wand.

“What are you doing out of bed? Get back in bed, right now!” My voice was loud and harsh, a complete 180 from the breathy mess I’d been a second before.

“But what are you doing? I’m worried about you.”

“Boy! Get your ass back in bed. NOW!” I heard him walk down the hall and climb back in bed.

“Everything ok, babygirl?” Daddy’s voice sounded wary, unsure of what might happen next.

“I can’t believe he’s awake.” I was shaken, fearful that he’d heard my voice during the last orgasm. I turned the wand back on, undeterred.

Moments later, my need was building again. I whispered into the phone, terrified to make too much noise.

“Roll the wand down to your clit, babygirl. That’s good. Now, close your legs.”

Orgasm after orgasm crashed through me. The force of each one alternately curled me into a ball and arched my back. My body was wracked with sensation.

“Mom??? Are you sure you’re ok in there?”

Every muscle in my body was locked tight as I turned of the wand. I swallowed once to regain control.

“I am FINE. But I’m getting mad. What are you doing out of bed? Go back to bed, NOW!” My voice was strong, although my hands shook. Should I stop this? How would I explain the noise tomorrow? I could hear him crying as he walked back to his room. Filled with resolve, I told myself he didn’t need any explanation. It was late, and he should be in bed.

“Ever had to stop mid-orgasm, Daddy? It isn’t fun.” My voice gentled slightly, but I could still feel the aggravation seeping in around the edges.

“I’m impressed, babygirl.” He waited. I knew he was letting me decide whether we stopped or continued. Determined to get what I needed, I turned the wand back on. No words came from my mouth. I exhaled every orgasm and scream.

His voice strengthened again. “Place the wand lightly against your clit. Don’t press down.” I whispered my moans into the phone. Just as I felt the orgasm build, I heard, “Stop. Put the head of the wand on your pussy below your clit.”

My body shook violently. I breathed each exclamation, exhaling the “Ohhhhhh!!!!!!” and inhaling the “Ahhhhhh!!!”

“Close your legs, girl.” Searing orgasms ripped through my body. My head tossed back and forth. My mouth opened in a silent scream. Warmth seeped around my ass. The vibrating thumping still persisted.

“Mom? I’m going to the bathroom, ok?” I didn’t answer. “Mom?? Did you hear me? I said I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Get your ass there and back. You are in SO much trouble tomorrow!” Again, I regained the full strength of my voice as anger washed over me – and not a small amount of guilt.

Daddy and I murmured quietly to one another until I heard the flush of the toilet and his entry back into his room. I chuckled a bit. “That townhome with the master bedroom on the second floor by itself would have been really nice, huh, Daddy. Wish we’d gotten that one.”

He laughed. “Me too.”

Moments later, the wand set aside and the plug gently removed, I was surprised at the sopping wet mess beneath my ass. Daddy was still surprised at my ability to turn from one facet of life to the other on a dime. We talked and giggled in low voices.

“I’m pretty impressed with you. I didn’t know  you could go from orgasmic to Mom that quickly.”

“Neither did I, Daddy. Neither did I.”

Note: Before you think I’m the worst mom ever, when I spoke to the eight year old the next morning, all he could hear was the thumping against the bed (thanks anal plug) and the whirring of the wand. He still has no idea what he heard, and I still haven’t answered. I’m the parent – I owe him no explanations.


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Kayla Lords

I am a sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, international speaker, kink educator, and all-around kinky woman. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helping kinksters have happy healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone. Welcome to my kinky corner of the internet!


  • That was impressive, hun. You’ve given me some inspiration and ideas for what SpicyHubby and I should do the next time he travels on business. But, from a mom’s perspective, trust me we’ve ALL been there and we’ve all felt that guilt you felt. You’re a great mom and handled it well. Sometimes, though, when you can hear them thumping around at bed time (ours are on the second floor while our master bedroom is on the first), it can be a mood killer. Good for your resolve!

    • It had been a few weeks since my last orgasm and even longer since we’d played with the wand. I wasn’t letting ANYTHING get in my way, LOL.

      Thank you, though. It makes me feel better that someone else understands. I definitely had a moment of wondering if I was doing the right thing or not.

  • OMG that was too funny! Orgasmus Interruptus Maximus! I’m glad you got your “O” -in the end, LOL!!! 🙂

    Well played by you both…

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

  • Lolololololol!! We called it “packing”. I’m impressed at you could continue. It often screeches me to a halt.

    • If I wasn’t so wound up and ready to orgasm, it might have killed the mood for me, too. Of course, the wand is pretty powerful. I think it’ll put me in the mood even when I’m dead. 🙂

  • That Sybyl life is common to all women. I think you’re a great mom.
    glad you got what you needed (and SSir probably got a good laugh listening to you switching back and forth)


  • Hé hé ! That kind of situation is so horribly frustrating that you’d strangle the little dwarf, even if you love him the rest of the time !
    Dear Kayla, if one could send by mail hours of tranquillity, I’d send you two or three of them.

  • Wandium Interuptus as I called it, is worse then just having the power go out.

    Truly I was amazed at your tenacity, you knew what you wanted and you were not going to let anything stand in your way.
    I did have a good chuckle about it the next morning.

    • I needed it so badly – almost as much as I need a spanking. And I give so much to both boys, I feel a little justified being selfish every once in a while.

      I am always grateful for your patience, Daddy. 🙂

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