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Crawling and Kneeling in Dominance and Submission

I’ve been in a lustful, sexual mood recently. Normally this would be my moment to make Dominance and submission (D/s) seem a little less scary and a little more normal. But, seeing as this is my space, I have something a bit different on my mind.

“I would never get on my knees for a man!”

“Crawling is so degrading!”

I’ve heard/read that a few times. And if you feel that way, more power to you. We all have those things we just won’t do. I respect that some women can’t imagine being physically lower than a man in such a way. I, however, am a sexually submissive woman, and there’s nothing I’d rather do than kneel at my Dominant’s feet or, even better, crawl across the room to him.


Let’s start with crawling. I love how my hips sway, and if I’m naked, how exposed I become. The air kisses my wet pussy and my tight asshole. I know I look at him with smoldering eyes. Eyes that say, “What will you do to me? What next? How low will you take me?” Crawling is a visual reminder that he is the Dominant one. He’s in charge, and I’m his to do with as he pleases. Just a refresher here, doing what he pleases with me gets me off.

I revel in the slight pressure or even pain in my hands and knees as I crawl across tile, carpet, wood, whatever. I tilt my head back to look up at him, straining my neck a little. Sometimes, though, I keep my eyes downcast and wait. Wait for the hand on my chin that allows me to look into his eyes. Wait for the hand on my head, stroking me tenderly. Wait for the order. Wait for the moment. Wait. I’m not a patient girl, but in this moment, I wait upon his pleasure. /shivers. I’m wet just thinking about it.


Sometimes, all I want is to kneel. I crawl towards him as seductively as I know how, and then I kneel, placing my head on his foot, wrapping my hand around his ankle. My small reminder to him that he is mine just as much as I am his. Sometimes I press my forehead into the top of his foot, in or out of a shoe. If his foot is bare, I may kiss the top lightly. He isn’t used to such worship yet, and his breath always catches and hitches in his throat when I do that. So I do it again.

I’m not a slave in the Master/slave dynamic. That’s just not my personality or my desire. But in that moment, kneeling at his feet, I would do anything he wanted, anything at all. I am completely under his control, and I’m quite happy in that place. Usually, the only reason I shift position or move before he tells me to is from an aching knee.

Kneeling at his feet serves two purposes.

First, simply being small and vulnerable in that place stills every thought in my mind. I wait for him. I wait to submit and serve, and in that moment, serving is my sole purpose. Life becomes pretty simple and narrow in that moment.

But, kneeling is also the only way I know to show my total devotion to him as my Sir, my Daddy, my Dominant, my lover, my everything. Kneeling is the most submissive thing I know how to do. That position is my way of saying, “Crush me under your boot, nudge me with your toe, command me, or ignore me, but I’m Yours to do with as You please.”

He’s never taken his Dominance as far as I know he’s capable of – these things take time, of course. But when I feel this submissive, this small, he could stretch my limits in ways I might never imagine on my own. How do I know? Because kneeling before him is when I want what I consider extreme. He’s lightly slapped my face, and I cooed and oozed with desire. (Damn those wisdom teeth for not allowing more of that!) He could drag me across the room by my hair. He could force my face into the floor and fuck me with a foot on my back. He could hurt me in ways I’ve only seen in pictures and porn.

He could, but he doesn’t. Not all at once, of course. He’s only just now witnessing what full submission looks like with me – sexually, I mean. The vanilla aspects of like make other submission a little more difficult sometimes. Limit stretching can’t occur all at once – that’s just irresponsible. I sense that he’s taking his time and savoring my submission like a fine wine.

Kneeling and crawling for him don’t mean that I have no mind, that what I want no longer matters. To the contrary, crawling and kneeling to him of my own accord serve as reminders that this is exactly what I want. I’m not coerced into anything we do. And everything we do is for our mutual pleasure. I just happen to find pleasure on my knees in multiple ways.

Post updated: July 26, 2017

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  • These Saturday lifestyle posts are pretty awesome.
    I’ve never done the crawl thing. I think I would be unsuited for it. However, that cool air sensation you spoke of hit me right where it counts. 🙂

      • Actually, that was awesome. It is not easy to kneel. We don’t think about it when we do it naturally, so it is very sexy to do. I never have yet but I practiced last night my first kneel and then imagined how would I kiss his feet? i think it would be far reach.. I have to learn..

  • Can I add another Amen? I love crawling to my Sir. He ordered me to do just that last night, around the bed to get a bottle of water with my mouth. Upon reaching him took the water bottle, he grabbed my hair, stroked my head and brought my face to his groin. Part fun, all D/s. It feels very sexy to crawl, I focus on my breathing, it puts me in a submissive mindset. I love looking up, way up at Sir, waiting for his command, and I love the way he looks down at me, lovingly.

  • I am new at the D/s, my role is very new to me but very exciting. I find myself wet and horny during some of the unusual things he does or wants from me. I cum and squirt for him over and over only when he gives me permission.
    I seem to have trouble with the permission thing, what to/or not bother him with. I am a Registered Nurse very independent at work and head strong.
    He is in sales constantly in meetings and very busy man. I am afraid that I would become a bother. I forgot to ask permission the other night but I did tell him about what I did that night, he has been very quiet since. I have asked my master for forgiveness and told him I would not play with myself or cum till he gives me permission.
    This is the first time he has been “disappointed in me”!! At first I could call him sir/Dom, no problem but not Master, I have a problem with the word slave ( a piece of property with no say so about herself).
    But the other night during a spanking session (that I will never forget) . I called out to my master!
    I love when He steps into that roll of pulling my hair and spanking my ass.
    submissive/sexy/and his!!

    • Welcome!

      I had that same experience when I first called him Daddy…I never thought I would say it, didn’t think I liked it, and then, boom, one day, it was the perfect thing to say (but I was terrified until I saw his reaction).

      As for what to “bother” him with – this comes down to communication – you need to let him know (respectfully) that you need to talk about this so you know what he considers a bother and what you should come to him with. If you feel like you need it (and you don’t feel like you have enough), ask for clear, firm limits and rules. That can be a help for some submissives.

      I don’t consider myself an expert by any means and everyone’s experience in the lifestyle is different, but feel free to roam my blog and the blogs of some of my commenters – many of them live the lifestyle and can be a great real-life resource. Other things to read might be The Submissive Guide (I think the URL is but you may need to Google it). My Daddy is a great one for getting the Dom perspective ( He also has a few book recommendations that may be helpful.

      Feel free to drop by, comment, or ask questions any time. 🙂


  • That’s just beautiful 🙂 The day I collared her until for about a few weeks she was uneasy, because she never liked the idea of things like that… but after those weeks she grew to love it. Now she smiles whenever I put it on her (since the only time that we’re putting on her is when we’re alone), but I know you could understand that “When the collar is off it’s still there” 😉 As for the kneeling thing, she never thought she’d do that for someone, but she did it for me.

    • I don’t get to wear my collar very often, either, but yes, I do understand.

      It’s hard to go against everything you were ever taught or what you believe is “right” based on what society tells you, but when you do what’s right for you and your partner, it definitely becomes easier over time. 😀

  • Binging the blog, just made the hubby read like five different posts. But I love this. I told him if I had my way (and we didn’t have six kids) I would kneel when he walked in the door every day. Some day…

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