My Skin Feels Too Tight [REBLOG] @SceneMagazine_ #Dominance

My latest article for Scene Magazine is online, and I hope you’ll all go check it out. I can’t imagine I’m the only submissive in the world with this problem!

My Skin Feels Too Tight

At the end of a bad day – or week – sometimes nothing soothes me. Not my Daddy’s kind words. Not the promise of a treat. Nothing. I’m twitchy and aggravated. I snap easily. I’m testy. If I could, I’d stomp my feet, cross my arms, and pout.

My skin feels too damn tight.

That’s become our code. It’s not a clear, calm explanation so that he understands what he needs to do to help me. No. It’s whiny, clinging, petulant. “Daddy! My skin feels too tight! I hate this feeling!”

But, he’s learned that what I need most of all is raw domination. Don’t be nice. Don’t be kind. Be Dominant. Be rough. Be primal. Make me forget. Get me out of my head.

That’s the thing with most submissives I’ve met – we can get trapped in our heads in a heartbeat. I know  my mind is constantly turning and whirring. Thoughts, ideas, memories, and to-do lists all compete for space and attention in my mind.

Sometimes it’s too damn much.

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