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Such a Good Girl

“Since you’ve been such a good girl tonight, I’m going to reward you.” John Brownstone stood by the bed, his thumb on my clit, swirling and stroking me as I trembled.

What would follow included multiple wet orgasms, his tongue on my pussy, and hot, sweaty fucking in a few positions. The first touch had been searing, though. Because I’d been such a good girl earlier, I was already on edge, ready to explode at the slightest stimulation.

I was so desperate for the orgasms he was willing to bestow that I gladly shouted, “Please let your slut have an orgasm!” as he commanded me to do. Multiple times.

How had we gotten to this sticky, wet, kinky moment?

Earlier that evening…

“Get your phone, girl. We have something to do.”

My phone was needed to open the app for the Miss On the Go toy (received in exchange for an honest review). By opening my app and connecting to John Brownstone, he would be able to control the stimulation.

“Take off your pants. We need to insert it.”

I squeaked. “But we’re going to the store. And to get a coffee!”

“I know.” His eyes sparkled.

Domly amusement is only fun when you’re prepared for the torture you’re about to receive. This was a new toy. A new experience. How loud would it be? How strong would it be? Would it stay in as I walked around?

He applied a generous dollop of lube and inserted the set of balls deep inside of me. The “tail” stuck out as the instructions indicated it should.

I expected him to turn it on so we could test it. I’d already tested it in my hand, but this was different. It was inside of me. Surely he didn’t want me to be surprised in public.

Silly me, I should have known.

Inserting the toy wasn’t bad. Pleasureable, even. The point of the toy is to be a kegel exerciser (nothing wrong with having stronger vaginal walls and muscles – says the woman who pees a little every time she sneezes. Thanks, kids). But it’s also meant to stimulate your pussy. Simply resting inside my body was a stimulation of sorts. I felt full, something I always enjoy.

Sitting in the car wasn’t fun, but it’s never been great, no matter what kind of Ben Wa ball toy I try. It was fun for John Brownstone as he was able to laugh at my predicament while I balanced on one ass cheek, unwilling to put my full weight on my seat and press the balls more firmly into my body.

His sadistic laugh.

While we walked around the store, they moved inside of me. Lube and juices mixed to create a very pleasant sensation, if an unusual one that I haven’t felt in public in a long time. Could anyone tell I was doing something kinky? Was my walk funny? Were they going to fall out? Why did I decline the offer of panties?! Squeeze, Kayla, squeeeeeeze.

He chuckled. A lot.

I checked on it in the ladies restroom. Yep, still there, wreaking kinky havoc with my head and making me a sopping wet slutty mess.

Drinking our coffee later, things were different.

“Invite me, girl.” I knew what this meant. We’d played with the app. I, as the owner of the toy and controller of my own body, had to invite him to play and allow him to control the toy. Consent!

App opened, invite sent. A few minutes later….bzzzzzzzz.

I jumped and squeaked. Then I looked around, wondering again if anyone noticed anything unusual. The only one staring was my sadistic Dominant. He turned it up, turned it down, put it on pulse, and went through all five settings. Each time, I jerked or twitched, and he smiled.

By the time we got home, the app closed and the toy shut down, I was on edge – in more than a few ways. He let me take it out and went off to do his own thing (smoke a cigar, in case you wondered). Hours later, we went to bed. I hadn’t forgotten the evening we’d had but I wasn’t consciously aware of any residual arousal.

Until he pressed his thumb against my clit.

About Miss On the Go

From the website about the Miss On the Go:

Kegel exercises, does that ring any bells? Ladies, Miss On the GoTM has been created to help you tone your pelvic muscles while allowing you to experience vibrant and extraordinary sensations with its mobile app. Whether you are single or in a relationship, let the concept seduce you. After all, the decision is up to you…

It looks like Ben Wa balls with a tail, is the best way I can describe it. I joked, while I was kegeling my heart out, that when John Brownstone said he was going to “wear my pussy out” I didn’t think this is what he meant. Although the vibrations can last up to 25 hours (according to the information in the box), after about two hours, I was ready for them to come out.

Like I said before, they were pleasant to put in. We used lube because we weren’t actively playing around at the time to get me wet enough. Use a water-based lube because this is a medical grade silicone product. The “tail” didn’t bother me or get in the way at all. I tucked it against my body and never felt it again.

This toy isn’t going to give you an orgasm (at least I can’t imagine the vibrations doing so for me) but it was a very pleasant feeling. Kegels are something most women should do, in general, and this certainly makes it a more pleasant experience.

The Mobile App

The important thing to know about Miss On the Go and its use is the mobile app. I have an iPhone and John Brownstone has an Android, and we were both able to download it with no problems. The apps got a little buggy after about 20 minutes of play, but I also needed to update my iOS so I won’t blame it on the app (for now).

The app lets you do three things:

  1. Control the vibrations yourself. Otherwise you have to turn it on before you insert it (there’s a button) and keep it on that setting.
  2. “Play” with someone you know – they have to have the app and create an account.
  3. “Play” with a mystery partner. I’m not brave enough to try that, but for the adventurous out there, it could be fun.

You download the app, create an account, and choose an avatar that indicates male or female. I didn’t see a gender neutral option. Once you’re in a session with your partner or a mystery person, you have the ability to test and take pictures while you play – all within the app. On my phone, when I hit the camera button, it defaulted to “selfie” mode which I liked. Had I wanted to send a pussy shot, it would have been ready.

When you’re done playing and end the session, you can rate your partner. This is good if they play the game with strangers. Of course, I gave John Brownstone five stars on every session.

As the owner of the toy (and the vagina that will use it), you sync the toy to your app. Your partner doesn’t have to be in the same room, state, or even continent to make it work. You put it in, turn on your app, and invite them to play. After that, you let them control it.

But you also don’t have to be in a relationship. You can play with it by yourself, too.

The app will also ask you whether you’re feeling “submissive” or “Dominant” that day. I assume that’s to help pair you with the right partner if you choose to play with strangers.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to rate it until we finally got naked. I hadn’t had it in for three hours and I was still turned on and ready to go. I think it’s a great way to do long distance D/s or bring your kink out in public without worrying about getting caught.

Any cons to it? Well, the buggy app could be one (assuming it’s not me) – it froze up and wouldn’t connect to the toy after a while so we had to stop. It also requires three hours of charging so you’re not going to take this out of the box and start playing with it – but that’s not a true problem. More of an inconvenience for an impatient kinkster.

Do I recommend it? Yes, as long as you realize what you’re getting (or not getting) and especially for kinky couples who are separated or want to try public D/s. Don’t anticipate orgasms from it – but it should definitely get you all worked up, while working out your vaginal muscles.

Learn more about Miss On the Go (this is an affiliate link, so if you buy one, I’ll make a small commission. I wouldn’t become an affiliate until I’d tested it out and decided if I liked it or not, or would recommend it.)


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