Masturbation Monday

Silence #MasturbationMonday

When you read this, it may no longer be Monday, but I couldn’t let a Monday go by without Masturbation Monday. I like to think it’s the best way to start the week.

The room was pitch black. The deep breathing of two sleeping little boys filled the room. We curled into each other’s arms, intending only to drift off to sleep.

Our legs intertwined. His warm hand cupped my cheek. I wrapped my arms around his neck, nuzzling into him. His hands drifted down my body, finding the edge of my panties. My breath caught in my throat.

His fingers skimmed my panties, finding the heat of my core. He pressed firmly into my flesh. My back arched; my body pressed into his.

I turned in his arms, my back to his chest. His hand covered my mons. His fingers pushed and kneaded against my body. My toes curled; my hand reached out for something, anything.

I caught the gasp just before it left my mouth as my body shuddered violently. He circled firmly, insistently. My body reacted.

I lay on my back, one leg hooked over his hip, the other dangling from the edge of the bed. His fingers continued their dance through the now wet fabric. I reached for his other hand and guided it to my throat. The pressure both comforted and excited me.

He worked his magic on my body, leaving me a jerking, writhing mess in the bed. I felt the wet spot beneath me grow larger and larger.

Leaning in, his warm breath tickled my ear as he finally broke our necessary silence.

“Mine,” he whispered.

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