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Is It June Yet? aka Let’s Get This Party Started!

Is it June Yet?
Is it June Yet?

I am so ready for June.

I know it’s not a good idea to wish time away. I used to be the mom who said, “I can’t wait until they’re older” until they got older and I realized I missed my cuddly babies. (Thankfully, the 5yo still indulges me with an occasional cuddle.) I was definitely the kid who couldn’t wait to get older, graduate, get a job, blah, blah, blah.

Over the past few years, I’ve tried to enjoy the day in front of me and not worry too much about wanting the future to become the present. Until this year.

First, I couldn’t wait for March to be done…it was just a rough month, y’all. April was pretty good, but I knew I was staring down the barrel of a crazy May. And good gawd, it was nuts. I’ve been waiting for June since about February (how’s that for wishing life away?). And here it is.

You’d think I’d take a lesson from the crazier months I’ve had and wish desperately for a calm, collected June. And I do. Except not where my goals and dreams are concerned. I’ve been itching for a full work-week for ages. And in June I get one. The boys will be at an all-day summer program Monday through Friday where, hopefully, they’ll be tired when they come home, make new friends, and I will no longer feel pulled between them and my work. (My dream is to actually stop working once everyone gets home and focus on my family…it’s nice to have a dream.)

And, true to my very real, very intense (read: obsessive) form, I’ve filled up my month. I’ve got vanilla writing projects to do. I’ve got a new vanilla website to set up. I’ve got some kinky writing to do – which will hopefully include finishing a book or two, damn it.

And I’ve decided to combine two fun projects into one. First there’s Adult Sex Ed Month, now in it’s third year, hosted by the amazing Bobbie Morgan. I participated a little last year, but because of the big move last June, I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted.

Second, there’s the Spanking A to Z Challenge hosted by Renee Rose. This is my first year playing along, spanking authors will spend the month of June blogging about a topic of their choice from A to Z (meaning each post will focus on one letter of the alphabet). For anyone interested, there’s still time to sign up.

I have a pretty firm publishing schedule for this website – by design. It keeps me sane, makes it easy to know what to blog about each day, and helps you decide which days you want to read. If you know Masturbation Monday is your favorite day of the week, you can read that day and ignore the stuff you don’t like. At least, that’s what I imagine can happen.

So, in June (at least until June 26), every post will be part of the A to Z challenge, and when appropriate (meaning I’m trying to teach and not simply turn on anyone who’s reading), some posts will be part of the Adult Sex Ed Month fun. My goal is to make every post for both challenges centered around a kink, but I also know that each blog title will start with the appropriate letter of the alphabet (“A” and “The” don’t count.)

It’s a challenge for me. It’s a way to participate in two fun things going on at once. Hopefully, it’s a way to bring you all something entertaining and/or educational to read. And it’s just another of the dozens of spinning plates that I’m choosing to have during the month of June – which apparently means I’m not allowed to whine about how busy I am because I’ve done it to myself.

Yes, you might see multiple posts on a day. I still have Shameless Promotions, sponsored posts, and other things that I’ll publish. Plus, I’ll be introducing different elements into my website, as well that I’ll write about. Basically, June is going to be a crazy, insane, busy month…and I can’t wait!

I consider everyone who reads consistently to be part of my community and thought I should let you know why you’ll see #AdultSexEdMonth and #SpankA2Z all the time. Plus, if anyone wants to join in with either program, feel free!

Spanking A to Z Challenge 

Adult Sex Ed Month

Me in the month of June...and I love it!

Me in the month of June…and I love it!

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  • Life has been a whirlwind for us in many ways since the beginning of the year. Thankfully some things are going to be slowing down here soon so we can channel our energies in other directions.

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