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Grinding Metallics by Guest Blogger @CHolden_Erotica

This week’s guest blogger is Clara Holden. She’s a darling on Twitter and, even better, often tweets teasers from whatever she’s writing! Yes, it is possible to be turned on in only 140 characters. She wrote something unique just for this post, so even if you follow her already, you haven’t read this yet! See the bottom of the post for links to follow!

She caught his eye as he turned from the bar, malt in hand.

One coy look. Her eyes surveying him from under heavy set dark curled lashes, her mouth working into a delicious red smile, turning up at the edges. Her natural beauty was enticing him to pay attention. He was transfixed, watched as she lifted her drink to her painted lips and took a long pull through her straw of the black liquid in her glass into her beautiful mouth.

This creature emanated a magnetic pull; she drew him near, pulled him close. Clouded his senses. He felt the pull; he was hypnotized by her aura. Emptying his glass in one shot and placing it behind him on the bar he walked towards her, never removing his eyes from hers, holding the contact his face studying hers.

One look said it all.

Putting down her glass on the nearby table she turned and headed towards the throng of people in the dance floor, he followed watching her move, her hips shift, her shapely pins and her delectable arse sway gently as she walked confidently on high heels. The majority of her legs were on show the dress short and tight hugging her divine shape. God this woman was hot and he couldn’t help but follow as she led him into the mass of hot moving bodies on the cramped dance floor.

In the midst of the dance floor she waited for him, curling her finger in his direction beckoning him to come closer. Standing inches apart she grabbed the lapels of his blazer jacket and pulled him against her body. His large masculine hands found her waist and gently held firm, she leant into him inhaling his scent aroused at feeling his stubble scratch against her skin positioning her hand around his neck stroking her fingers through his hair. He looked into her eyes. She moved her hips, grinding into him as the deep base and beat of the music infected her entire body and poisoned her blood stream like a craved drug.

Those large green eyes closed the heavyset long lashes framing her face; her lips slightly parted her breathing shallow as she absorbed the vibrations of the music moving her body to the rhythm. He gently spread her legs apart with his knee slipping his powerful thigh between them feeling her instantly clench around him with a firm grip, together they danced both lost within their own world.

This incredible woman possessed the power to completely mesmerize him, one look and he followed, here he was clasping her tiny frame tightly, hands on her waist and his thigh hard against her clit she moved as the music scorched through her system devouring her senses as she was living the moment.

The sheer beauty of seeing her lost within the music, feeling every heartbeat of every played note.

Leaning into her inhaling her perfume allowing his lips brushed her ear as he coarsely whispered “my darling you are mine” her eyes opened, her lips slowly widening into a soft sexy grin. “If only you knew how deep I burn, I will never be forgotten” came her reply moments before she pressed her plush lips against his.

His whole world turned on its axis as he felt flesh on flesh, her tongue gently, tentatively running along his lips parting them slipping inside his mouth tasting the remnants of the whiskey mixed with the slight taste of tobacco. His hands shifting from around her waist, travelling up her back, pulling her close into his chest as he kissed her hard, hungrily passionately with urgency in return. Wrapping his large masculine frame around her small delicate one he completely lost himself in the moment as silence descended and heartbeats raced together as they consumed each other inexplicitly for that whole entire moment until they came back to the reality of the dance floor feeling the rhythm of the music coarse through them once again.

She lowered her dark lashes, her smile glistening wet from their fervent collision, “How about a coffee?” she suggested and turned leaving him that split second to make his decision.


The rain fell in heavy torrents from blackened skies, pushing her up against the brickwork, hand tightening around her throat as their lips met, pressing his kisses along her jaw, his tongue trailing its way to her ear she heard him growl his acceptance for coffee, smiling she haled a taxi.

It was inevitable he would follow her home, from that first look he was enraptured with this mysterious woman and was not willing to Part Company until he at least sucked her sweet juices.

Closing the door behind them and throwing her house keys on the side she removed the metal handcuffs from the drawer walking across catching him off guard with a kiss, her lips merged with his, lips on lips, tongues dancing, sliding over each other in a passionate embrace. She deftly removed his shirt, allowing it to drop to the floor, running her finger through his chest hair. He heard the click of metal as she wrapped the cuff around his solid wrist closing tightly ensuring the metal dug into his flesh and cut deeply. He felt the pain that soared through his body, it was sharp but pleasurable all the same, he smiled. She kissed him again, ground her lips hard against his, nipping his lip she smiled back against his mouth.

Two clicks later his wrists were cuffed together behind his back his broad shoulders pulled back, restricted, out of control and therefore at her mercy and this he had allowed. She pushed him back onto the plush sofa watching him sink into the cushions.

She had every intention of having her aching cunt fucked hard. She pulsated and dripped.

Taking a step back she stood before him, deliberately teasingly removing the strap from her shoulder watching his reaction, waiting momentarily before tearing the top half of her dress down towards her hips in a swift motion revealing her perfectly shaped breasts. Moving towards him she removed the remainder of her dress leaving it behind on the floor. Bending at the waist she ran her soft nipple along his plump lips forcing him to gently tease and lap her areola with his tongue, she mewed her approval. Him eager for more, her not allowing him, she straightened watching him watch her.

He was hard, a solid thick rod encased within his clothing, he wanted her, now. He was trapped, cuffed, she had all the control, fuck he wanted her bad. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his beating heart, he could hear it thundering through his head, he throbbed. He felt her soft lips press against his torso, her delicate fluttering of fingertips and warm tongue that seduced his skin, he opened his eyes watched as her head moved lower towards his groin, he throbbed, skin flushed, he was so close to release and had yet to be touched. She pulled open the fly of his jeans, released him, springing to life sitting proud before her mouth. Looking into his eyes she licked the full length of his throbbing shaft, wrapping her lips around his swollen helmet she softly ran her tongue around his head, slowly, sensually. He gritted his teeth, felt his body surge he was so close, he couldn’t cum yet, it was too soon, she gently took his testicles in her hand and rolled them between her fingers and thumb, feeling them hard and tight, sucking him harder encouraging his release.

It was too much, she was too good at this for him to resist he shot his hot salty load down the back of her throat his body tense, growling deeply feeling her continuing to lick and lap his sensitive head as he twitched and shuddered under her spell. Her kissing, licking and lapping continued their journey back again along his flushed spent skin, she could taste the salt from his sweat, smell his masculinity, she was so aroused she straddled his groin her lips finding his kissing him tenderly, holding his face, looking into this eyes “hello” she smiled  “my turn now” she felt his shaft begin to harden against the inside of her thigh, he laughed “maybe you could undo these cuffs, give me permission to feel those divine curves of yours? This is pure torture my dear” he could feel her wetness against his groin; he wanted her to ride him fiercely, to scream her release into the empty room to wash his cock with her lady juices.  He wanted to grip her hips and push deep into her cunt. “So will you un-cuff me?” he asked. “Beg me” she whispered.

As the clock struck 2am two strangers shared their beautiful moment, he whispered his words of seduction into her ear, sending her into frenzy, leaning over to undo his left cuff his engorged helmet pressed against her swollen lips a quick rise of his hips and he pushed into her tight wet hole. Pausing from undoing the metal cuff from one wrist allowing him freedom she felt his thick member push into her ready hole, her skin stretch around his wide girth. Freedom granted his hands wrapped themselves around her body pushing her down  forcing her to sit deeper onto his cock, the cold metal connecting with her aching breasts, his hot mouth finding hers pushed her over the edge cunt tightening clenching around his manhood her body infused with the deep burning swell she fondly recognized, her cries filled the empty space as his thumb pad softly pressed and ran small circular motions around her swollen clit, he felt her orgasm, felt her body clench, stiffen as he came into her soft insides filling her with his seed.

Exhaustion hit in waves, climbing from his now semi soft cock she ran her fingers along his jaw line and smiled. “How do you take your coffee?” she asked.

(c) C.Holden 2013


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My blog is very honest and open, I am straight to the point and say it like it is, I want to offer as much information as I can, recommend as many ways to re-inject people’s sex lives with passion as possible, I aim to be honest and open and inspirational with my writing to create a curiosity within others.

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