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Staying Late #WickedWednesday

Have I mentioned lately that I love Wicked Wednesday?

I slammed the filing cabinet shut with finality. Done. Done, done, done with work for the day and the week. It had been a long grueling week of deadlines and meetings. How am I supposed to get everything done if I’m constantly being called into pointless meetings, I asked myself.

I shook it off. No, no more dwelling. I stayed late tonight so I wouldn’t have to think about work for the entire weekend. With that last file put away, the day was officially done.

I turned towards my office door, ready to grab my purse and get the hell out of there until Monday morning rolled back around.

“Zzsssttt!” I heard a crack and a pop. The entire office went black.

“Damn it!” I hissed into the darkness. I work in the center of the building with no windows. It was pitch black. If I hadn’t felt myself blink, I might have wondered if my eyes were open.

“Ok, woman, you can do this. Just walk carefully, grab your cell, and call the boss.” I put my hands out in front me and slowly shuffled back to my office door, nervous about tripping or bumping into something.

“Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak.” My head whipped around to my left. I knew that door was open when the lights were on, which meant it was now closing. How?

“Hello?” I called into the darkness, hating the quaver I heard in my voice.

God, I hated being left in total darkness. It freaked me out.

Click. The door shut quietly. What the hell?

“If this is Chris or Susan playing a prank on me, it’s NOT funny, y’all!” I convinced myself someone was fucking with me, and I started to get mad.

I realized I’d stopped moving towards my office door, which was still open. Better to get away from whoever was trying to prank me, and get to my own office. As I shuffled in the general direction of where I thought the door was, my hands ran into someone, a solid wall of someone.

I stopped. My mouth went bone dry. Sweat covered my forehead.

“What the…?” I whispered.

“Shut up, bitch. Shut the fuck up!” His voice was muffled. It sounded familiar, but it was too concealed for me to tell who it was. He grabbed me, turned me around, and twisted my arms behind my body.

I shook all over, terrified. “Please, please…,” I whispered, wanting to beg him to let me go but unable to form coherent thoughts.

“I told you to shut the fuck up,” he growled in my ear. “If you can’t do as your told, I guess I’ll have to force you.”

With one hand, he gripped my wrists, pulling them painfully. I felt his free hand cover my mouth and nose, a ball of some sort in his hand. He pushed it painfully against my mouth. I tried to refuse him entry, gritting my teeth and pressing my lips together tightly.

“Open up your goddamned mouth, you fucking cunt, or I’ll break your teeth to get this in,” he snarled ferociously.

Reluctantly, I opened my mouth and felt the ball shoved past my teeth, pushing my tongue down and back, forcing me to breathe through my nose. My lips were spread wide. The only sounds I could make were muted gurgles. I felt something pressed over my mouth and cheeks – duct tape. Oh my God, what was happening, I thought. My knees began to buckle.

“Now you’ll be quiet, won’t you?” he chuckled. “If you do what you’re told like a good girl, this won’t be near as bad as you think.”

Good girl? And then with perfect clarity I realized who he was, and I knew the night was going to get much better…

That’s all you get for this one. This week’s prompt inspired me, and I may even finish it at some point. 

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