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Woken Up

I’m a good girl. I don’t mind being woken up in the middle of the night to be of use. No really, I don’t mind…

He wakes up in the early morning hours with a throbbing cock, needing release now. He slides out from under the covers and moves to my side of the bed. Sliding the covers off of me, he reaches between my legs. His hand moving across my pussy wakes me up. I moan and open my eyes. As I open my mouth to say something, he shoves his cock in my mouth.

My eyes open wide at the invasion, and I moan at the back of my throat. I look up at him as I begin sucking and licking his hardness. I kiss and lick the head of his cock, nibbling gently. My cunt is soaking wet within seconds. He smiles in satisfaction.

The eye contact drives him crazy. I know what he likes. He starts to pump his cock in and out of my mouth like a piston, abusing it.
He smacks my soaked pussy just to make sure I’m awake and ready for what’s to come.

I shriek when he smacks me, the sound muffled but vibrating around his cock. I can feel him sliding across my tongue with each thrust, drool beginning to drip out of my mouth.

My pussy drips even more after the painful smack. He pulls out of my mouth and climbs onto the bed. He positions my legs on his shoulders. I stare up at him longingly; I want him buried deep inside. Looking into his eyes, I know what’s coming. I’m about to get fucked hard.

He smacks his cock against my slit a few times for good measure, then he slowly slides the tip in, squeezing my ass as he teases me.

“Do you want all of me inside you?” he asks.

“Oh, yes, Sir!” I moan.

“Beg for my cock, slut,” he growls.

As he teases my dripping cunt, I give him what he wants.

“Please….mmmmm….please, Sir….oooohhhhh….please, Sir, may I have your cock?” I beg. “Mmmmmm…..pleeeease….please fill me with your cock….oooooohhhhh….”

Squeaks and squeals are all I can manage. The feel of his head teasing my pussy drives me crazy.

He reaches down and pinches my nipples as he slides every inch of himself inside me. After a couple thrusts his cock is coated in my juices. I moan in delight as he thrusts harder. As I begin to shriek and moan louder, he fucks me harder. My hips lift to meet him with every thrust.

Soon I’m on the brink of orgasm as he punishes my pussy with thrust after thrust.  My head thrashes back and forth on the bed, and I begin to moan and beg again.

“Ohhhhhh, please please please….mmmmmm, please Sir….please, please….” I moan. “Pleeeeeeeeease….may I cum? may I cum? pleasepleasepleaseplease…oh God…ohhhhhhh!!!!! Please, Sir??”

I’m almost in tears as I feel my orgasm rise.

At that moment, he reaches down and put his hand around my throat.

“You can cum, or you can breathe,” he says. “Decide.”

The moment I feel his hand around my throat, my body tenses; juices from my pussy begin to flow. My mind spins out of control. Within seconds, I feel my orgasm build. Just as I think I won’t be able to breathe, my pussy spasms, and I squirt over both of us. My back arching, my eyes rolling back in my head, my orgasm consumes my entire body.

My orgasm quickly brings on his own. He lets go of my throat and pulls his cock out, cumming all over my tits. He yells loudly as the spasms quake through his body, and he coats my body with his hot cum.

When he finishes, I look up at him as I drag my finger through the cum on my tits and lick my finger clean.

“Mmm, you taste wonderful,” I purr.

He collapses on the bed. He pull my head to his and kisses my forehead

He whispers, “Good girl,” and then fades back to sleep.

I purr against him, snuggling close and fall asleep with a smile on my face.

I like being a good girl…

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