His submissive – Part 3

(Part 1, Part 2)

I laid on the bed and watched in fascination as He began to pull out His toys.

He showed me His cuffs and collar.  He placed the cuffs on my wrists, and I stared at my arms.  For the first time, my wrists looked almost delicate.  I had never seen them wrapped in leather before.  He placed the collar around my neck.  I closed my eyes and adjusted to the feeling.

“How does it feel, pet?”

“Strangely secure, Sir,” I responded.  “I don’t normally like things around my neck, but this I like.”

He hooked His finger in the loop dangling from the front of the collar and pulled me close.  His mouth claimed mine.  My eyes closed and I leaned into him.  My pussy dripped.

“I can put the leash on you, if you’d like, pet.”

The idea of being led around by Sir made my body tremble.  I demurred, however.  I would rather save that for another time.  He graciously allowed it.

More items flowed from His bag.  Spreader bars, under-the-bed restraints, and the paddles.

While I was on my side watching Him, He caressed my bare hip with the first paddle.  Rounded and heavy, I stared at it.  He handed it to me, so I could investigate.  It was very heavy – and a little intimidating.

“It has a metal plate in it, pet.”

He handed me another paddle – this one much lighter. It was much less frightening.

I handed them both back to Him, quickly.  Nerves began to take over again.

He lightly stroked my ass with the lighter paddle.


I gasped and arched my back.  A few light taps later, my cunt was hot and wet.  I reveled in the heat I felt forming on my ass.

“Those were just light taps, pet,” He said. “Just wait for later.”


I nearly leapt across the bed and shrieked in horror.

“That was the one with the metal plate,” He said. “We’ll set that one aside and work up to it in the future.  Not today, pet.”

“Thank you, Sir!”  I trembled a little.

He pulled out His crop.  For a few moments I simply stared in fascination, until He began slapping my breasts and then my cunt with it.  I rolled onto my back and opened up for Him.

Thwap, thwap, thwap…He found a rhythm and my body responded.  I moaned and writhed while the crop tapped and smacked across my body.

All of a sudden, I felt His fingers in my cunt, fucking me.  I began to mewl and writhe on the bed.

“You want to cum” He asked?  “Beg me, bitch.”

“Oh, please, please, Sir, can I….oh God…can I please cum, please, Sir, please?” I cried, near tears from need.

“Yes, pet, you can cum.”

Within seconds, I felt the cum gush from my body and pool around my ass.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome, pet,” He replied.  “Good girls get good things.”

I continued to gasp as aftershocks hit, causing my hips to jerk and my pussy to spasm, unceasingly for long moments.

“Breathe pet,” He whispered. “Just breathe.  In through your nose, out through your mouth.  You have to remember to breathe.”

The sound of His voice soothed me.  I began to breathe normally again.

He allowed me to lay in my puddle, drifting in satisfaction, while He continued to unpack His toys.

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