Tonight’s not the night for sexy.  If you visit my blog to read sexy, here you go.

I hurt right now.  And I wouldn’t normally do this, but I have to get it out of my head.


Alone and lonely
What’s wrong with me?

I live in isolation
Not of my choosing;
Everyone has slipped away
And no one realizes it.

Was it all just a dream?
Were you just a dream?
Did I make it all up in my head?
You’ve slowly left me
And you don’t even know it.

I feel it
In every moment
Of every day;
You’re gone.

Am I unlovable?
Am I forgettable?
Is there something wrong with me?
Why am I so alone?
Why does it hurt so bad?


I took a shower while my children watched movies, just so I could cry.  I huddled under the water, tears streaming down my face.  My face in my hands, my shoulders heaved.  Great, gulping sobs emanated from a deep place.  Alone and lonely.

I have spent days in near-isolation from the real world.  Family, friends, lover – none have noticed my absence from their lives.  It’s easy to be forgotten with 200 miles between you, I guess.  Drowning in loneliness, I’m tired of being the one to reach out, to seek out the people I love.  I crave to be wanted the way I want my loved ones near me.  When will someone realize I’m silent? When will someone come looking for me? What if they don’t?

I feel invisible.

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  • Just remember. as hard as it might be, that you are never alone. I have been where you are and feeling isolated sucks, but there is always someone out there who is thinking of us…perhaps that can be enough.

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