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You Won’t Be Able to Walk #MasturbationMonday

“When I get done with you tonight, you won’t be able to walk.”

Those were the words he left me with when he went to work. He grabbed my hair, yanked my head back, and pressed his body against my back. I melted right there at the kitchen sink. Heat filled the center of my body. I lost the ability to stand without help.

Fast forward hours later. He was tired from a long week. He’d had to go to a funeral in the middle of the afternoon – without me. The boys were crazy and making us crazier. He suggested we watch Frozen before going to bed. I was half-convinced that he’d forgotten his early morning sink-side promise.

I was wrong.

After the movie, after the house was locked up and the boys had been looked in on, after I readied our bedroom for sleep, he let me know in no uncertain terms that he remembered.

Naked, I knelt at his feet, waiting for permission to come to bed. I nuzzled his pajama-clad cock, hoping to entice him into letting me have a taste.

Wordlessly, he grabbed my hair, holding my head still. He slapped my cheek. My eyes rolled back in my head in pure bliss – all thoughts wiped clean from my mind. I existed only for pleasure – his and mine.

Without letting go of my hair, he rubbed his cock on my cheeks, across my lips. My mouth opened, my tongue out – waiting, hoping for a taste. He refused. Instead, he smacked my cheek with his velvety soft, steely hard cock. I could feel my body spasming with pleasure – and anticipation.

Both hands held my head in place when he finally slipped in between my lips. He hit the back of my throat, my hands came up to the bed on one side and the wall on the other, to brace myself against the onslaught. Slow but firm, he demanded that I take all of him. I closed my eyes and simply let myself feel his body invading mine.

Without a sound, he pulled out, gripped my hair even tighter, and pulled me onto the bed. On my toes, legs spread, knees bent, ass facing him, he rubbed his cock against my pussy before pushing himself inside of me. I hissed and gripped the sheets. With infinite patience, he thrust in and out, hitting my g-spot but without enough force to make me come. Slow, sensual torture – the pressure building inside my body, the sound of skin meeting skin with each thrust, the build-up of pleasure.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take the torture a moment longer, he pulled out, lifted my legs up and flipped me over onto my back. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, and I tried to get into the right position. Again, without a word to me, he spread my legs and lifted my hips and dove face first into my clit and pussy.

I don’t know how many times I jerked and shuddered with an orgasm but each time I did, I could feel him pull me closer to catch every drop. I lost myself in a sea of pure pleasure as his tongueΒ and lips and teeth devoured lips and clit.

Long before I was ready for him to finish, he released my hips and pushed me onto my side. I felt the bed sink as he climbed onto the mattress behind me. He pulled my hips against his cock. I arched my back to give him access and in between my gasps and hisses, he thrust deep.

His hands moved across my body. Sometimes he held my hair tight, bringing tears to my eyes with the sharp yet sweet pain. Sometimes his fingers dug into my hips, hard enough that I imagined bruises blossoming. Sometimes his hand wrapped around my throat. Each time he touched me in a different way, I heard him hiss as my body clenched around his cock.

I grabbed the bed to brace myself. I wanted him as deep as I could take him, as deep as he could go. I pushed my hips back against him, desperate to take all of him.

He pinched my nipples and smacked my face until I could no longer participate, no longer help him. I was simply his fucktoy, my pussy there for his pleasure. He thrust and thrust and thrust until I thought I could take no more and between gritted teeth, he grunted out his pleasure as he thrust one final time, coming hard, filling my body. His body jerked and shuddered for several minutes as aftershocks hit him with a force I’d never seen before.

No words were spoken for several minutes. I drifted with pleasure and exhaustion. Finally…

“I love you, Babygirl.”

“I love you, too, Daddy. By the way, I think you’re the one who can’t walk.”

Ok, so I’m a sassy girl but that’s one of the many things he loves about me. Welcome to Masturbation Monday – the best day of the week as far as I’m concerned. Make sure to check out the other awesome bloggers who posted something for your enjoyment and pleasure this week!

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