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Lube It Up! by @CarvakaSexToys #Infographic

I’m a huge fan of lube. I see no reason to feel bad that my body wigs out sometimes and refuses to get wet and squishy to match my mood. Plus, hello, there’s no anal play without lubricant!

Lube is another tool in our kinky fuckery arsenal, and we keep plenty on hand. I’ve got some favorites, including a new one (The Butters by LTASEX), and others waiting for me to try. I’ve also tried some that made my body burn – and not in a good way!

So when Carvaka Sex Toys shared another infographic with me (this time all about lube), of course I was going to share it with you! Not sure about lube? Check this out…

Plus take a look at their article about lubricants: The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Lube

via Carvaka Sex Toys

via Carvaka Sex Toys

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