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#ShamelessPromotion for Deep Sting by @MilaBrakos

It’s Shameless Promotion Thursday! And I have someone to shamelessly promote! Yay!!!! I’m tired from my vacation and now work, so no dancing and holding hands, but you know I want to…right?

Ok, this week’s Shameless Promotion is Deep Sting by Mila Brakos. I downloaded it for free during a couple of promotional days she had, and I read it. When she and I emailed, she said it wasn’t designed to shock, but I would definitely classify it as consensual non-consent. For anyone new to that term, my definition is that one person gives consent in advance to give up consent at a future, unknown date and time.

Deep Sting is a short read but very intense…VERY intense. Mila puts it quite succinctly in her blurb for it:

A hard, painful and messy BDSM sequence.

It’s well-written and will open your eyes to a side of BDSM that you may not have read much about.

Buy it on Amazon! Only $0.99!

Buy it on Amazon! Only $0.99!

Click here to read an excerpt and/or purchase it!

You can follow Mila on Twitter – @MilaBrakos


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