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Dark Thoughts

With an hour left in Wicked Wednesday (as I’m writing this), I finally found time in a very busy day to write what came to mind late Tuesday night. Tuesday night was the last night with my Daddy until late October. I missed him before we ate breakfast this morning. This week’s prompt reminded me of the dark thoughts that can creep in (and should creep in) when playing and scening in the world of dominance and submission.

When he binds my arms with rope, for a second I wonder, “What if…?” What if he was some lunatic instead of my Daddy? Why do I let a grown man tie me up so that I’m helpless?

When he created a rope harness and lashed the vibrator to my body, I wondered at the trust I have in him. If he meant to do me harm, he could have done so very easily.

When I was bent over the bed, he used floggers, a crop, a paddle, and a cane on my bare ass – in one 45 minute session. What if he refused to watch my body’s cues? What if he didn’t ease up when I cried out in genuine pain?

I often marvel at the trust I have in him. The thinking side of my brain often watches in wonder as I put myself in harm’s way under his ministrations. I have total trust in him – and it’s a trust that he’s earned – or I would never allow myself to be so vulnerable. But when I let my mind wander to the what-ifs and the could-haves, the dark thoughts that creep in remind me that in the wrong hands, BDSM is a very dangerous thing.

Oh, but in the right hands, it’s a path to inner peace and a stillness in my mind.

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  • Oh yes, I recognize those thoughts. I too have them, before, during and after play. BDSM indeed is something dangerous but so very beautiful when two people trust each other completely 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • I often have this thoughts myself.
    I learned how to be careful ans watch out for any sign that the person I am with is not trust worthy.
    And sometimes I think back to the days when I was less careful and think about how lucky I was. Because who knows what could´ve been.

    • I can’t put myself in that position without total trust…but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of that potential for bad things to happen (with a different partner).

      I’m VERY glad you were lucky! And that you learned from it.

  • There in lies the part of knowing your partner intimately and I don’t just mean on a sexual level. One must learn their nuance’s, The movement of their body, the difference of their sounds between pleasure and pain. Those thing all factor in with the trust and communication.

  • interesting things to think about. As a dom this really isn’t my line of thought but I can see where it might make things a bit more intense. Thank you for sharing

    • I would imagine most Dominants don’t think about it…the good ones know their subs aren’t in any real danger…it was strange that it hit me like that…I trust him completely, but I was very cognizant of the “danger.”

    • Yes and no. I’m not into danger…I don’t even like roller coasters or most theme park rides…I allow him to do those things because I have total trust that even if he does the unexpected, I won’t really get hurt…

      It was a strange realization as I watched the knots being tightened in the rope that I put myself in his hands that way…I liked the realization, but it was strange…

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