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And Now for a Masturbation Break | LELO Soraya Wave

Disclosure: I received the LELO Soraya Wave in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links are included, so if you make a purchase, I make a small commission.

I work from home, and I love it, but I almost never take advantage of the fuckery at my fingertips.

Most days, I can work naked if I want to (at least until 2:30 p.m. when the first kid gets home). I don’t. You’d think I masturbate more often than I do. I don’t.

And it’s not just because my libido tanked more than a year ago and the pandemic isn’t helping it recover. Mostly because I get busy and forget. Masturbation isn’t on my mind when I’m pounding out words that all seem to say the same thing as they float by in the hundreds, becoming a blur. (My imposter syndrome tries to convince me that the ability to bullshit that got me through college is in full use now. That might be true.)

But every once in a great while, I’m reminded that not only do I have the freedom to do what I want (whatever that might be) while working from home but I probably actually should do a few of those things.

Like masturbating.

Especially when I’ve got a stack of new vibrators waiting to be tried out including the Soraya Wave from LELO.

The kids stayed home from school for a few days, so I had to wait for them to go back. I wanted the freedom to find out how loud this rabbit vibrator really is, but I really wanted the freedom to be loud, too. Screaming out an orgasm is always more satisfying than choking back cries — unless John Brownstone and I are getting kinky. But this wasn’t that. This was going to be a good old-fashioned wank. And I wanted it on my terms. Not terms dictated by motherhood.

So, I took a masturbation break. Not unlike a coffee break, smoke break, or lunch break, I finished up a few tasks, checked the clock, did a couple more things, checked the clock until finally, I went, “Whelp, okay, time for my break.” (I can almost imagine a “break whistle” sounding in the background.)

Fast forward through placing towels on the bed, finding the on/off button, getting the included water-based lube open, wandering out into the kitchen with my ass hanging out from my t-shirt to chat with John Brownstone. I’m not sure he even noticed (the gall!).

Now here we were. On a masturbation break.

The Soraya Wave did it’s “wave” motion (more on that later), and I couldn’t help but stare at it. What fuckery is this?! Also, how is that going to feel?

The short answer? Pretty good.

With the help of lube and the ridiculously soft silicone, the G-spot side slid right in. The “come here” motion felt really good. I found the right angle on the clit side. I sat back and closed my eyes. Trying not to hear the cat playing with her toy in the bedroom. Ignoring the sound of lunch being made in the kitchen. Just…masturbating.

Then the first climax hit. My toes curled, as they sometimes do. My torso lifted from the bed slightly. I let out a screech. (Not a sexy moan or sensual groan — a screech.) It must have been okay, because John Brownstone didn’t come running into save me. The next orgasm made my body clench — first my cunt, around the still “waving” Soraya Wave, then my stomach in a painful cramp. The pleasure turned to pain, and I yanked the vibrator away from my body. I huffed and puffed as if I’d been running instead of coming.

“Let’s do that again!”

I inserted it, but not all the way. The “wave” motion was pleasant and felt vaguely like the pumping of a cock. Not enough to get me off, but definitely relaxing. (I don’t orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex but I enjoy the feeling of a cock, dildo, and apparently this vibrator inside of my body.)

“I want to try something.”

What would the waving motion feel like on my clit? Would it feel like a finger moving back and forth?

The answer: Sort of. Again, pleasant but not overwhelmingly so. Just a small shuddery orgasm instead of the big, gut-wrenching kind.

A few minutes of fiddling around with it later, and I realized I was on empty. The break was over. It was time to get back to work.

LELO Soraya Wave Review

blue LELO Soraya Wave vibrator on unicorn backgroundLet’s talk about this absolutely gorgeous vibrator, shall we?

One thing out of the way (and if you decide to nope out of here, I’ll understand): this baby retails for (as of the date of publication) $249 USD. If you’re gulping, laughing in poor, or shaking your head, I get it.

The real question…is the LELO Soraya Wave worth that price? I’d say that depends on how much you usually spend on sex toys and how important good rabbit vibrators are to you.

To me, it’s a nice vibrator. Certainly, one that, when it hits the right spot, feels great. The technology that creates the wave/come here motion on the G-spot side is fascinating and genuinely feels good. You can see it move which was a little hypnotic to watch.

But I don’t orgasm often or easily from G-spot stimulation. It takes a lot longer than I’m willing to wait. So as good as it felt, it didn’t get me off for that reason. Nor would I seek it out for its G-spot capabilities.

The clitoral side of the Soraya Wave was equally nice. That stem moves very easily so I was able to place it where it worked best with few problems. The combination of the two feels great, and I had the gut-clenching orgasms to prove it.

You can also turn on both motors or just have one side going. Plus the LELO site offers a few suggestions of different positions to try it in for further orgasmic options. Would I have a better experience if I’d used their suggestions? I don’t know. But I also don’t want to jump through hoops to get off with a vibrator. I like turning it on, putting it in the general spot, feeling the vibrations, and having an orgasm or two.

I don’t think the Soraya Wave is for everyone, especially at that price. If your G-spot is THE spot for you, an investment of $250 might be worth it if you want to invest in a vibrator. Especially with the technology used and how luxurious it legitimately feels. The silicone feels sooooo soft, y’all.

A few complaints:

While the Soraya Wave includes a bag, charging cord, and lube (yay), it does not include even a mini-manual. You receive directions to go to the website to download the manual which is where you learn how to use it. I have zero interest in doing that when I use a new sex toy. Don’t make me do homework to figure it out.

The buttons are fairly easy to reach and use and “make sense” to me, so I can change the setting without really thinking about it. But, without that manual, I only accidentally went from two motors running to one and didn’t really know how to get back again without a lot of fiddling. (You might be saying, “But you’re a sex toy reviewer, shouldn’t you go to the extra effort to download the manual?” I like to use toys the way I would if I bought it. I want my reviews to be based on what I would actually do (and what others are likely to do, too). That’s a more realistic experience to me.)

My biggest pet peeve with any vibrator is when the vibrations are strong enough to make my hand buzz. I hate that (even though it’s common). In the Soraya Wave, it wasn’t enough to make me want to put it down, but it was a nagging feeling. That being said, holding it was easy because of the loop at the end.

The good stuff:

Kayla holding blue LELO Soraya Wave over unicorn fabric backgroundThis vibrator is legitimately beautiful! If aesthetics were all that mattered, this would be a winner to me hands-down.

The wave motion feels delightful, even if it doesn’t do anything special for my G-spot. LELO calls it WaveMotion™ technology and yes, it’s making that “come here” motion most of us use on the G-spot. And it feels good, even on my clit.

The Soraya Wave is very quiet. Yes, you can definitely hear it on a high speed, but if you’ve got distance between bedrooms or thicker walls in your home, it’s highly unlikely anyone will hear you — unless you’re screaming or screeching, of course.

Get the LELO Soraya Wave

Okay, if the price didn’t run you off and/or you really want a good rabbit vibrator, check out the Soraya Wave on LELO’s website. Take advantage of any sales they offer to pay a little less and if I hear about one, I’ll let you know! (Currently, free shipping is available!)

Check it out here: LELO Soraya Wave


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