Masturbation Monday

When Things Get Tough, We Fuck

(Picture above taken during one of the last peaceful moments we’ve had — in London, during Eroticon. And when you have mirrors, a hotel bed, and a smartphone/camera, it’s a requirement that you take naked/semi-naked selfies. I don’t make the rules; I just follow them.)

There has been So. Much. Drama. Too much.

From the biggest stress I could ever have imagined to a million small things. I’m officially at the point where I think, “This is my life now. One shitty thing after another.”

But as an evergreen optimist, my sunny nature pokes through eventually. The bad times serve as a reminder of everything good in life.

So when John Brownstone grabbed me in the pre-dawn morning, sinking his lubed cock deep, I sighed with relief more than pleasure. Oh, don’t get me wrong…the pleasure was there. Skin-to-skin contact. Fingers digging deep. Pulled hair. Pinched nipples.

He checked every single box.

But what I needed most was the reminder. Of who he is, who I am, and who we are together. I needed a moment of quiet contemplation coupled with the kind of closeness only he can provide.

He took his time, each stroke a slow, languid drawl of body against body. When I want to rush, he instinctively slows down. Drawing out the pleasure and the pain. Making me (us!) wait for it.

On another day I would have impatiently bucked my hips or whined with need. This time I closed my eyes and savored the moment, feeling the completion of a circle I hadn’t realized was broken.

Having your world rocked by outside forces unsteadies you. It makes you question everything — who you are, who they are, what it all means.

But his cock buried in my cunt serves as a promise, a way to silence swirling thoughts. A promise of something much more than simple pleasure.

We are one, made whole together. The world can crash down around our heads, but we’ll always have each other. And when in doubt, we can always have a good fucking.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! I’m still a bit contemplative from the past couple of weeks (link above if you haven’t read the drama yet). I’m feeling a bit tender, knowing this space has been invaded by judgmental eyes (though I’m sure that happens all the time). But I’m here, and I have a stack of sex toys to play with so that should get all the juices flowing soon enough. Until then, you know where to go for more smut!

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