February Photofest 2019

Dips and Curves and Bends

Kayla Lords naked back and bottom

Life is full of dips and curves and bends. As is my body, apparently. I’ve taken pictures from this angle many times, but I’ve never noticed them before.

It’s the last Saturday of February Photofest 2019, so I’d like to share a few more images from other bloggers this month that I love (so far!). I don’t comment nearly enough, but I am trying to pay attention. If you missed the first round of love, here it is.

February Photofest Love Continued…

Aaooooo by The Lexy Experiment: I’m a sucker for sexy booties and Lexy’s is a gorgeous example of one!

Day 19 by Toy for Sir: Solitude IS pleasant, she’s right about that.

Love Hurts by Mrs. Fever: The picture is gorgeous, but as always with Mrs. Fever, it’s the story you should really pay attention to.

Close Up by Pieces of Jade: I don’t know how he got this angle either, but I think we’re all glad he did.

Lucky Charmer by Steeled Snake: Considering my love of male hands and body hair, this is delightful!

Wax On, Wax Off by Purple’s Gem: I’ve loved so many of their images, but this one is my absolute favorite…for the vibrancy of the color and of the kink.

The Day After by Ink: All of Ink’s images are beautiful, but the combination of bruises and actual ink is stunning here.

Everywhere I’ve been seeing this shape by No Pants Endurance: And now I’m seeing this particular shape everywhere, too…with zero complaints.

Night Owl by Dr. Vixenne: I love the color, and I’m reminded that I have a pedicure coming up soon and I am sooooo excited for it.

The Beast by Blue Submission: This story was delightful, but it was the pictures I couldn’t keep my eyes off of.

Softness in Sepia by Brigit Delaney: If you haven’t read Brigit’s writing, I highly encourage it, but I love these quite soft images, too. Absolutely gorgeous!

My Leg’s are Longer Than My Patience by A Leap of Faith: This image is beautiful, haunting, and erotic. And the story is soooooo good.

February Photofest

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