Masturbation Monday

Dripping Wet

a drop of water because I was dripping wet

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I’d dropped not-at-all-subtle hints for days.

“When are we fucking again?”

Poor John Brownstone. While my libido was wasting away, he was ready. Now that I was revved up, he wasn’t into it. But now this was getting ridiculous.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! pounded a litany in my veins.

And, of course, when he was ready to indulge, I got weird.

All he wanted to do was stroke my cunt, tease my clit, and play my body like a violin. And every part of me rebelled. It wasn’t what I wanted.

“Ummm, the vibrator?”

We went back and forth before he realized it wasn’t happening without battery-operated help.

I felt awful because I knew I was denying him something he craved, but there’s a block in there (my mind) somewhere. In hopes of giving him back all the control, I muttered something I knew I would both regret and love.

“You can drive, Daddy.”

Letting a Dominant and sadist drive your high-powered vibrator is akin to INSERT GOOD METAPHOR HERE — I’m always reminded to be careful what I wish for.

He teased at first — not hitting the quite right spot, which from the first buzz, I was desperate for. And not staying in the perfect spot long enough. Within a few short minutes, I’d spread my legs as wide as they could do and my pelvis followed the head of the vibrator. He led me on a merry chase before pressing the vibrator firmly against my clit.

The first orgasm swelled under my skin, sending sparks shooting in every direction. Gaaaaawd that feels fucking good.

Desperate for more, I bore down as he pushed the buzzing head back against my clit. No shying away. I was going to take every fucking buzz this thing could give me. Grabbing the pillow, I bit down as a scream and an orgasm ripped through my body, forcing a tidal wave gushing from my cunt.

“Damn, you squirted hard, babygirl.”

I mewled in response, temporarily losing the power of speech and coherent thought.

Cold drops fell on my thighs as he held the vibrator up and out of the way. It may have only been a drop or two, but it felt like liquid poured from the edge, covering my skin.

“Now it’s my turn.”

He tossed the toy to the side, flipped me over, and pulled my hips back towards him. Head down, ass up, I squealed as he fucked me like a man with the energy of a rutting 20-year old — and the skills of the kinky fucker that he is.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday where I’m tempted to hand over my vibrator again tonight! For more and possibly Halloween-themed smut, you know where to go.

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