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A Complicated Independence Day

I’ve tried all day to put my (newly) complicated views about celebrating Independence Day in America into words.

Families forcibly separated from one another. People screaming “Go back home” to asylum-seekers. People of color not feeling safe in the country.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, 2018 sucks.” But the reality is that I’m describing 2018 and every other year before it, back to and before 1776. America has a short but complicated history, and we tend to only celebrate the highlights. Just because these things weren’t in the news (or being taught in history class) doesn’t mean they weren’t/aren’t happening.

I have thoughts but they’re jumbled. And when things get dark, my inclination is to lighten the situation. Why? Because gallows humor gets you further than drowning in despair.

So I’m questioning what patriotism means to me, counting down the days until I can vote for something better than this dumpster fire, and taking semi-sexy, semi-nude pictures. Since I can’t seem to find the right words, a bra-lass, panty-less (knicker-less as my UK friends would say) red, white, and blue pic will have to do.

sexy selfie in red white and blue shirt on independence day

But here’s what I know…it’s because I love my country that I want us to do better, be better, and for once in our brief history, truly live our ideals and get it right at some point. We say we stand for freedom and equality of all people. At some point, we’re going to have to start acting like it and electing people who believe it, too.

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