Masturbation Monday

Give Me More to Savor

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Thick in my mouth
Sweet on my tongue.

Eyes widen as
I groan.

Face flushes,
Body trembles.

Drool escapes,
Runs down my chin.

Closed eyes,
Enhanced pleasure.

Give me more!

Mouth filled
Tongue coated.

Nostrils flare as
I exhale.

Body quivers,
Head lowers.

Savor it all,
Let nothing escape.

Give me more!

“No, babygirl.
You’ve had enough.”

Pouting, moping,
Begging follows.

No more for me…but those were the best damn peanut butter balls I’ve had in ages!

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! And yes, my first taste of holiday candy was a near-orgasmic experience this weekend. I’m not supposed to eat peanut butter but John Brownstone made a temporary exception for a special occasion. So of course I had to savor it. Okay, for the real smut, you know where to go. Click below for this week’s smutty goodness!

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