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Don't Move Masturbation Monday

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For the month of May, all of my Masturbation Monday posts are over at Read an excerpt here, and then click “Keep Reading” to see the rest. Make sure you head over to the Masturbation Monday page to enter this week’s giveaway. Thanks to Eden’s Toy Box for sponsoring this week of Masturbation Month by giving away a DeLight Luxury Vibrator.

“Don’t move, girl.”

It’s his voice that always undoes me. I melt. I squeal. I acquiesce. But he never makes it easy. Lying flat on my back, thighs spread a little, he ran his finger over my slit, across my swollen mound, before circling my clit. I jumped and yelped. He grinned. Each time I relaxed, his hand would drop between my legs. The barest touch made me shiver and tremble.

“I said ‘Don’t move’ girl.”

Making him repeat himself is always unintentional but the punishment is so sweet. He pushed my legs open and back. Hiding from his touch, no matter how sweetly torturous would be impossible.

Flicks. Strokes. Swipes. Circles. No touch was the same twice. I couldn’t guess his next move. That was the point. As my body began to respond, writhing and bucking, demanding more, he stopped. “Hold my hands, Daddy,” I teased. As long as his hands were in mine, he couldn’t make me crazy with his touch. He smirked. “Okay.” I should have known.

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Yes, this really happened, and it was sooooo good. 

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