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Distracted #MasturbationMonday

“Are you trying to distract me?” I looked away from my computer to see him leisurely stroke his cock, a small grin on his face.


I don’t have time for this. I’m working. Are you kidding me? Thankfully I’ve learned not to voice the first thoughts that pop into my mind. God, that looks hot. I can’t work now. I’m too distracted. And damn…that’s just…awww, fuck it.

I rolled away from my laptop, scattering pen and paper around the bed. “Let me help, Daddy.”

“I wondered when you’d offer.” When, not if. Damn he knows me too well.

He pushed my head down over his cock. He smelled clean and warm. Silky skin glided across my tongue. His thighs quivered. His toes curled. And I was only getting warmed up. I released him with a POP! that I know drives him crazy. Before he could push me back down, I licked his balls, gently pulling them into my mouth. He cried out. I swirled them around my tongue, savoring their heaviness and his sensitivity.

I felt a tug on my hips. He pulled at my shorts. They aren’t coming off like that. Releasing his balls and slurping his shaft back down my throat, I changed position to pull my clothes off.

“Get those damn shorts off, girl. I want access to that pussy.”

More than happy to oblige, I giggled around his cock as we struggled to pull the fabric down over my bottom, and I kicked them off my ankles. The cool air from the whirring fan above us kissed hot, wet, secret places waiting for his touch.

I groaned around him as he sank one finger in, then another. Pushing back, I had to choose between sucking his cock further down my throat or getting him deeper inside my cunt. He only had to hold his hand and cock in place and let me rock back and forth.

But he wanted more. Of course he did.

Releasing each other with a simultaneous groan, he pulled my head up to his, planting soft but urgent kisses on my lips, cheek, and neck as he squeezed a tender nipple. I did my best to muffle my moans, remembering belatedly this was the middle of the afternoon and everyone was awake.

I straddled him and began the familiar dance of rubbing and gliding across him. The friction of cock on clit was my undoing. His hand clamped down over my mouth as he whispered, “Go ahead. Come for me.”

One. Two. A third. His briefs, only pulled down enough to release his cock and balls, were soaked. I giggled. He shrugged.

Lifting me up slightly, he positioned my body over his. My cunt sucked him deep inside. I moved back and forth, ready to seize another orgasm. Instead, he held me still and pistoned his hips up and down, fucking me at his pace, nipping and sucking at my neck and ear, chuckling at each squelch and slap of pussy and cock meeting.

He found a rhythm that felt good to me but made his eyes roll back in pleasure. I did my part by squeezing my muscles with each upward motion. He grunted and growled. I quietly watched his face, the way his forehead creased and relaxed. The “O” he made with his mouth. The pinkness of his tongue as it darted out across his lips. I could watch this all day. Instead, I saw a tell-tale crinkle of mouth and forehead together as he lifted and strained before releasing a long, “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!”

Later, after I cleaned up more come than I’ve seen in a while and he’d changed into dry clothes, I looked at the mess on the bed where I’d been working. “Look what we did to the bed! We could have knocked the laptop off the bed!! Can I get back to work now, Daddy?”

He laughed at my only semi-serious indignation. “Yes, babygirl.”

“I don’t usually like distractions while I’m working, but I can make an exception once in a while. You know, in case you get bored or something, Daddy.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, babygirl.”

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! For the record, I was much more productive for the rest of the afternoon so there might be something to a distractive fuck. And if you could use more distraction, you really need to check out this week’s prompt – a video from Drake Hardy! – and read what other smutty writers are offering up! No really, you’ll be glad you did.

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