Masturbation Monday

This Time #MasturbationMonday

“I don’t think I can do it.”

Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears. Sitting before him, half dressed, her body open and exposed to his view, was difficult. All she wanted to do was hide behind a thick layer of clothes. But he’d said this was what he wanted, and she longed to make him happy.

“Little one, you can do anything you put your mind to. And seeing you like this gives me more pleasure than you know.”

His voice was kind, filled with a gentleness she wasn’t sure she deserved. When they’d talked about adding this dynamic to their relationship, she’d expected something different. Wasn’t he supposed to command and order? This sounded more like a request, but she knew it wasn’t. It wasn’t in his nature to bully anyone, including her. Instead, he would persuade, knowing that her own nature compelled her to make him happy.

If watching her touch herself made pleased him, it’s what she would do. But, damn it, it was harder than she expected.

“Close your eyes, little one. Do what comes natural. You don’t have to look at me…this time.”

Her brain wanted to latch on to the words “this time” knowing it meant there would be a next time. But with permission to close her eyes, she allowed herself to be swept up in the fantasy of it all.

She wasn’t a tired, overworked mother of two. She wasn’t the burner of toast or the denter of bumpers. Right now, she was a willing submissive under the direction of her firm Dominant. He wanted to watch her masturbate, touch herself, come. With her eyes closed, she was a sensual, wanton woman who lived for this. Not a woman who couldn’t bring herself to say words like “come.”

Sliding her fingertips over the bare, delicate skin at the apex of her thighs, she sighed in pleasure. A familiar scent wafted between them. Her mouth watered in response. She heard his breath hitch as the aroma hit him.

She did this to him, made his breathing falter. Power suffused through her body. He controlled her movement, her actions, but she made him react…to her.

The last of her nervousness disappeared. Instead of hesitantly grazing her slit with a trembling hand, the corner of her mouth lifted as she traced a unseen design around her labia. She dipped a finger deep inside and spread the moisture covering her finger over her mound. The next time, she used two fingers and swirled the wet digits over her clitoris.

Her body reacted toย each touch with trembling and quivering. The scent of desire wafting between them was stronger than before. She felt her clitoris and nipples swell with each touch. There was no stopping her own breathy moans anymore, as her hand began to move faster and with more confidence.

The orgasm was building deep inside her body. Arcs of electricity raced down her inner thighs and up through her stomach. A light sheen of sweat covered her body. She spread her knees farther apart as the climax threatened to crash over her.

He growled, the sound of an animal being driven to the brink. As her body erupted in pleasure,ย she opened her eyes and stared into his. This time, she’d give him everything he wanted.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Could anyone else use a good old-fashioned wank right about now? It’s already been one those weeks, and it’s still early. If you need more steamy smut to get you worked up for your own masturbation pleasure (and to help you survive the week), click the button below!

Masturbation Monday

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