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Not as Ready as I Thought

It was like I was getting ready for a date.

I took a shower (in a freshly cleaned bathroom which is always nice), shaved my legs (with a new blade), and used the lotion that smells so good it makes my mouth water. Sounds like what I do for a night out, right?

But instead of slipping into something slinky and sexy, I put on John Brownstone’s fluffy bathrobe. No make up. My hair wasn’t done. It was great!

After 45 minutes of indulgent showering and softening of skin, I was ready.

Ready to masturbate with a new toy (received in exchange for an honest review).

Towel down on the bed (just in case)? Check.

Covers pulled back because sheets are easier to wash than a comforter? Check.

Fresh batteries – correctly inserted? Check and check.

It’s just a bright pink rabbit, why am I already wet?

Deciding between lube or my own juices, I went all-natural. I slipped two fingers over my slit, pushing past my lips, massaging my body until my toes curled and my heels dug into the bed. The smell of musky desire floated above me. I was ready.

I turned on the pulsing, buzzing toy and slid the realistic glans across my outer labia and down my sticky seam. I spread my thighs wide while guiding the thrumming dildo into my pussy.

Picking the setting was easy. Up or down. I went with up (because of course I did). As my body sucked in the pulsing g-spot vibrator, the rabbit ears grazed the top of my clit.

I screamed.

My body pulled the toy further inside, forcing the rabbit “ears” to press against that most sensitive part of me.

I screeched, the orgasm ripping through me, leaving me breathless. Strong enough that I pulled the toy away and turned it down a little.

With one hand gripping the headboard of my bed, I gently positioned the toy so that the tiny vibrating torture devices touched my clitoris, and I felt a rhythmic pulsing against my g-spot.

I rocked against the toy, every muscle clenching as pleasure coursed through my veins. Electricity streaked from one end of my body to the other. Liquid warmth oozed out of my body. I turned the vibrations up.

I choked back a scream as my clit burst into flames, keening as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me. Squeezing my thighs together, I found temporary relief from the clitoral orgasms and allowed the humming in my g-spot to take over. My hips jerked, and my back arched as one final climax exploded out of me.

Hurriedly, I turned the rabbit off before another orgasm could hit. When I threw the toy down on the bed, I was gasping for air, my body quivering and twitching, my muscles tight and clenched. I ended where I began by gently stroking my clit, turning the final orgasm from something gigantic into a gentle whisper of pleasure. The smell of lotion and soap combined with desire and sex to coat my body in a new perfume.

About Lily

Brace yourself, y’all. This is the first of several reviews coming (ha!) in the next couple of weeks. I received several products from Lyps but I’m glad I started with this one. The Lily by Lyps is now my third rabbit, and it didn’t disappoint. Quite frankly, any toy that makes me want to turn down the settings can’t be all that bad.

Let’s get into the details.

The Lily is a vaginal, clitoral, and g-spot vibrator. I didn’t notice the sensations in my pussy as much as I did on my clit (wow!) and my g-spot. My body continued to pulse and thrum long after I stopped playing with it. No complaints about that.

It’s made of medical grade silicone – water-based lube was what I would have used had I gone that route. No funny smells. No weird texture. It requires four AAA batteries – which makes me grateful I begged John Brownstone to stock up on batteries. It can be cleaned with soap and water but per the instructions, you have to remove the batteries first. Even with so many vibrations coming from it, it’s relatively quiet. And since the pulsing is localized in the silicone toy itself, holding it didn’t bother my hand – which I always appreciate.

The force of the first orgasm shocked the hell out of me and meant that each one after was fairly intense. Because of that, I couldn’t play with it for very long – about 10 to 15 minutes was my limit. That’s not bad – I could see pulling it out for a quick wank before bed. This is a basic, reasonably priced rabbit with a realistic (well, for being hot pink) dildo. I’m still not used to my toys having veins. Ha!

Want it? It’s available on Amazon for a good price (as of the publication date of this review).

Get the Lily by Lyps!

*I received the Lily by Lyps free in exchange for an honest review.*

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