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Gagged and Filled

If you want to read what lead up to this moment, here you go: His Cock Slut

With a vicious twist of his hand in my hair, he brought fresh tears to my eyes as he pulled me from the floor and forced me over to the bed, throwing me face down over the edge.

“Don’t move.”

I couldn’t have even if I’d wanted to. We just had this incredible scene on the floor. I trembled as the endorphins swamped me. I wanted to do that again.

He handed me a big purple dildo (received in exchange for an honest review). “You know what to do.”

I did.

As he kicked my feet apart and gripped my hips in a bruising crush, preparing to impale me, I took stock of this purple monstrosity. My mouth was still watering from our earlier play. When his cock thrust deep, I took as much of the dildo down my throat as I could (which wasn’t much).

He thrust. I sucked. He fucked. I slurped. As he moved faster, so did I.

Each stroke of his cock hit my g-spot, causing me to scream and cry around the toy which came out in gagging gurgles. His laughter was deep and dark.

He pulled out and stood back. I knew better than to stop when he did. My head bobbed up and down, drool and spit flowing down over the silicone.

“You’re such a good little cock slut.”

His sadistic praise spurred me on. I took more, shrieking when he slid his cock back into my pussy, moving back and forth like a fucking piston. I struggled to keep the dildo in my mouth and down my throat but knowing he’d be proud if I did.

I don’t know how long he fucked me. I don’t know how many times my cunt squeezed his shaft in an orgasmic vice grip. What I do know is the purple cock in front of me and in my mouth, stretching my lips wide, became the center of my world.

When we were done, I realized tears were streaming down my cheeks and my throat hurt. He stroked my hair and murmured, “You are such a good girl.”

He pulled the dildo away from me gently, leaving me to gasp for air while he cleaned up the toys and the puddle of drool where I’d sucked and slurped that toy like a starving woman.

Later, tucked in bed together, nearly asleep from a long day and a lot of play, he said, “You really do love the thought of two cocks, don’t you girl?”

Yes, I do. Thankfully, so does he.

About the Lyps 8 Inch Purple Dildo

The Lyps 8 inch purple dildo is another fake cock with a suction cup. Like the others made by the company, it’s made of medical grade silicone, covered in ridges and veins, and yes, when in my mouth, felt almost like the real thing. Of course, it was also silicone and cool, as well as firm, in an obviously fake way. There’s no fooling someone into thinking it’s a real cock, but for a moment when I immersed myself in a scene, it became real in my head.

It doesn’t taste bad. It doesn’t have an odor. Frankly, I’d put it in my mouth again (I may have an oral fixation, lol). The nice thing about sucking on a fake cock is that you don’t have to worry about teeth or hair. But it’s not warm and throbbing, either, so I wouldn’t make it a full-time replacement for the real thing. And yes, of course, I love that it’s purple. Frankly, I’d prefer my toys to look like toys rather than pale imitations of the real thing.

Will I fuck my own throat with it again? Gosh, I hope so.


Check out the 8 inch purple dildo by Lyps!

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