Masturbation Monday

Getting What I Need #MasturbationMonday

Spend even a few moments in the arms of a Dominant, and you’ll quickly learn that you never get exactly what you ask for, but – if you’re lucky – you’ll get exactly what you need.

Last week’s pseudo-demand put me in the mood for something rough and primal. I wanted to be taken and used. I needed to feel both extremes of our sexual play – the fierce sexuality and the warm love.

“On your knees, girl. Get into position.”

I tucked my knees under my body, sinking into the mattress, shivering as cool air kissed my skin, already covered in a sheen of sweat and lust. Arching my back, presenting my ass, my body begged for…something. I thought I knew what was coming.

A light tap.

I shivered.

A light stroke down my already soaked slit.

I gasped.

A firm grip on my hips.

I squeaked as he buried his face in my pussy, his nose against my ass.

“Oh my God. Oh my God! OhmyGod! Oh…my! Ahhhh!”

He stopped just before I came and flipped me over on my back. Strong hands pushed my legs back and apart. My knees were next to my head.

With each lick, slurp, and nibble, my hips bucked forth, eager for more. He pinned me down, giving me no more than an inch of movement, forcing me to take everything.

Anyone who thinks oral isn’t a Dominant act has never had their orgasms forced with a few flicks of a tongue and been pinned down by an iron grip on their hips.

He teased and tormented, pulling away before I came. He nibbled my clit. He licked the seam between my thigh and pelvis. He tongue-fucked me. Wet squelches played in the background as I screeched and screamed behind my hands. My eyes rolled back in my head. My voice went hoarse as my throat became raw. Still, I could not pull away or force my body further into his face. Bruises were forming on my thighs from his fingertips. Love marks if ever there were.

Finally. Finally.

He slurped and sucked until I spasmed and gushed into his mouth. Electricity arced through my body and in the air. Colors and bright lights danced before my eyes. My body shuddered with the force of my orgasm.

As I drifted back down to earth, he sat back with a satisfied sigh, a man who had eaten well.

“Was that better than what you had in mind, babygirl?”

I mumbled something incoherent as he drew me into his arms. Oh yes, as always, he surpassed my expectations and gave me exactly what I needed.

I do so love Masturbation Monday, and not just because it inspires a certain John Brownstone to give me great fodder for yummy blog posts. Okay, y’all, go forth and read other smutty goodness from this week’s players!

Masturbation Monday

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