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“Spread those legs wide, girl.”

I heard the tell-tale squirt of lube. I jumped at the cold, wet feeling of the toy slipping deep inside my body.

One could easily imagine the kegel balls being sucked in with a satisfying THWUMP. They settled in. The lube was smooth, mixing easily with my own natural juices. As the balls slid and slipped against my vaginal walls, small shudders of pleasure ran through my body.


“Good morning, babygirl.” His grizzly, sleepy voice woke me gently. “I’m going to fuck you.”

No foreplay, no warm-up.


I heard him reach over to the nightstand and pull out some lube. The thick squirting sound felt out of place in the early morning dawn. Our room was still gray. Sleep filled both our eyes.

He grabbed my hips and pulled my body close. I arched my back to give him a clear shot.

I always love fucking in this position. The penetration feels deeper. We are snuggled close, for all appearances spooned together lovingly when in reality, he’s fucking me senseless.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he sank deep in my willing, and now fully lubricated, pussy.


“I have a headache. I don’t really want to fuck.”

“Don’t worry, babygirl, I’m not in the mood either.”

“Maybe an orgasm would help.”

We curled up on the bed. He propped up on the pillows to get a good view.

I squirted the “arousal gel” on my fingers, a little nervous. My last experience with a similar product was painful.

I read: Squirt a small amount on your fingers. Rub into your clitoris. It doesn’t get more basic than that.

Whatever I thought I’d feel didn’t happen. It was lube for my wanking pleasure.

I settled into the first orgasm, circling my fingers this way and that way. I felt the button of flesh and nerves swell under my hand. My toes curled in anticipation.

The first orgasm was small but wet. More lubricant to add to the fun. I coated my clit in lube and cream, my fingers flying as I swirled and stroked myself to a bigger, wetter orgasm, shrieks escaping me, regardless of how hard I tried to hold them back.

I sank into the bed, breathing hard, still holding the bottle. I gazed at it in wonder.

“Lube for masturbation. I think I like it.”

And my headache was nearly gone.

About Juntos Lubricants

In exchange for an honest review, I received a box of several different lubricants from Juntos Lubricants. My philosophy on lube is that it shouldn’t get in the way of the sex, but enhance it and make things easier. So having a lot to say about lube is rare (minus certain exceptions that I’ve reviewed in the past).

I can tell you that based on multiple tries, these are decent lubes with mess-free pumps instead of tubes that get sticky after a while. Are they outstandingly special and make John Brownstone say, “Oh my God!”? No, but they didn’t hurt, they worked, and they got the job done.

And that’s what a lube is supposed to do.

We used the water-based lubricant on the kegel exerciser toy I reviewed recently. It’s always good to have this kind of lube around. Sometimes we don’t want a long warm up, but since most toys are silicone, I don’t want a lube that destroys my toy, either. Water-based lube to the rescue.

The arousal gel – and it is a bit thicker than the typical lubricant so the name is accurate – worked well. I was slippery without having to work for it first. I anticipated additional “sensation” that didn’t happen – and I didn’t mind. I prefer the things that make my clit tingle to be from tongues, cocks, and toys, not from lubes.

We received a flavored lube that we didn’t taste. When he goes down on me, we don’t need or want lube in the way. However, we did use it for sex, and it had a pleasant smell that I assume would translate into a pleasant taste if I’d sucked his cock or fingers.

Final result? Not bad. The bottles have been added to our growing lube collection in the nightstand. But, John Brownstone says nothing replaces his favorite – yet.

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