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Who Should Make the First Step in the 21st Century #sponsored

There are a lot of opinions and views on where and how good relationships begin. I’ve certainly done my fair share of writing about the topic. We all do this love, sex, and (maybe) marriage thing differently. With that in mind, enjoy the following sponsored post by Ukrainian Women.

How the world changes…

Social stereotypes alongside with gender roles have existed even since the first society had appeared. People love to determine the way others should act. In fact, introducing the behavioral patterns of various social groups as well as gender roles is what makes societies stabilized.

However, the 20th century has drastically affected the way people see the world itself and social determinations in particular. Moreover, it has raised such significant issue as gender equality. We asked our female friends from Ukrainian Women site about how Slavic people see those changes and, having accomplished this knowledge with what we have to say about the Western world we formulated our opinion on how the world has changed. Since our main interest is dating and relationships, we will try to answer the questioned we mentioned in the title.

The Western world went through tough challenges in the previous century – two World Wars took place mainly in the territories of Eastern and Western parts of Europe. Moreover, we should not forget about social revolutions that led to the phenomenon we are interested in today – sexual revolutions.

What we see right now in America and Europe is the result of remarkable changes brought by the sexual revolution, or a time of sexual liberation, which took place between the 1960s and the 1980s. Aside from obvious alterations in the portrait of the society, it also came along with changes in interpersonal relationships. The main point is that women are no longer submissive creatures with no rights. They have diminished the influence of men on the social development.

Winning the rights, without doubt, drastically affected female mindsets. A modern Western girl is independent, self-sufficient, educated, and never put up with disregards. Therefore, dating has also undergone some adjustments. Marriage is no longer the main aim of Western girls; some of them see dating and love relationships in general as a global threat to their independence. And while this opinion is quite edgy, women don’t see dating as they used too.

In the modern world, women don’t mind becoming the imitators of the acquaintance or even relationships. It gives them the freedom of choice. Approaching a girl is now a complicated assignment. Education, rights, and all related phenomena made them picky, which is not as bad as you might think. However, aside from radical cases, Western women still believe that men should remain initiative while acting chivalrous and respectful. That is, the initial step is both men’s and women’s concern.

On the contrary, Slavic girls (Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians etc.) haven’t changed their opinion so fundamentally. Slavic cultures are traditionally patriarchal (although women in these countries have always been highly praised). These girls still believe that men should be providers and leaders, giving their wives a chance to devote all the time to raising kids and creating a cozy atmosphere in their homes. It does not mean that these girls don’t educate themselves and only want to find wealthy husbands. They just see creating a family as the main purpose of their life. Therefore, these girls prefer their men to make initial steps (even though they are self-confident enough to initiate relationships).

Putting aside gender stereotypes and socially determined behavior, we should admit that making the first move is totally fine to be made by anyone until you have something in common and both of you are into that. Be open-minded – and the world will be much more cheerful!

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