Masturbation Monday

Mean Girls #MasturbationMonday

I thought they were the mean girls. You know the ones. The girls who manage to make you feel about two inches tall in five words or less, while smiling the entire time.

Looks can be deceiving, I guess.

They were mean when they tore my clothes off, buttons popping off and landing on the floor. They laughed at my unicorn panties. Said they were almost too cute to ruin. Almost. The ripping sound was a turn on, but I couldn’t let them know that.

They scraped their nails over my skin and twisted my nipples until I screamed. Mean, mean girls. I saw red welts raise on my skin. I was disappointed when they stopped short of drawing blood.

They smacked my face and pulled my hair. I tried not to moan so much.

I was at their mercy, and they knew it. They loved it. Every scream, every struggle – that’s what got them off.

My fear was that they would strip me naked and then leave. Lock me in the room and refuse to let me out. Get me all worked up and then walk away.

When they pulled out the Hitachi, I pretended to be terrified. I think I even whimpered a little.

Silly girls. If they’d only paid attention to me as they played, they might have seen the creamy desire covering my slit or smelled my lust.

I know they thought they were hurting me as they turned the vibe on its highest setting and mashed it against my clit. Their cruel laughter told me as much. “Take it you stupid bitch. We can do whatever we want to you.”

Please do.

My screams were real. I don’t deny that. My struggle was real, too. The vibrations and orgasms ripped through my body. Every nerve ending sizzled and tingled. Tears, snot, and drool covered my face. I was unable to form words, so the sounds I made were animalistic, wild, and (to them) hilarious.

What they didn’t seem to understand was that the more they taunted me for being a wet little slut, laughing at my reactions, the more I wanted to prove just how much I could take. Give it to me, bitches!

Yes, they were mean girls trying to hurt me, but I’m the masochist that dared them to do it.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Don’t get too excited, this was just a bit of masochistic, forced-orgasm fantasy. I wish it was real! Okay, my smutty friends, go forth and enjoy this day as it was intended. Jack or jill off to your heart’s desire and then read more smut!

Masturbation Monday


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