Masturbation Monday

Blast From the Past: More Like an Earthquake #MasturbationMonday

I haven’t done this in ages, but let’s go back (waaaaay back) to 2013. Here’s a re-do of a post I wrote – it was the first post I added when I self-hosted, actually – with a few minor changes. Click here to read the original. Happy Masturbation Monday!!

Each one stronger than the last, and he was on a mission. Ten orgasms in 15 minutes, and I was drained. Not all orgasms are equal. Squirting and gushing like a volcano is much different than the quiet, shaking earthquakes that often rock my body.

My clit was on fire from the building pressure. The soft little bud hardened against my finger. I sobbed and begged, “Please Daddy, please let me cum.” With permission granted, my hips lifted from the bed, my pelvis rocked, my cunt spasmed. After each orgasm, my body quaked with aftershocks. I felt every muscle in my pussy spasm.

“Let’s go for number 8, girl.”

“Now 9, babygirl.”

“You’ve got one more in you, right, girl? Number 10.”

Each time the pressure and throbbing in my body overwhelmed my senses. Each time the waves of pleasure physically lifted me off the bed. Each time, I thought I could take no more. Each time I gasped and panted, spent. Finally, he was done with me.

“You are such a good girl. I knew you had it in you.”

Words fled. My body jerked and quivered, shuddered and jolted. I wanted a nap, preferably in his arms, but instead, I looked over at the clock. 5:24 a.m. Time to get ready for the day ahead…

This was back in the day when John Brownstone and I were doing the long distance thing. Our morning masturbatory experiences were often some of the only sexual relief I had. I am so glad we’re a long way from there, but I could use a few more earthquake moments like this one. Okay, y’all, head on over to see what other smut is being shared for this, the best of all days.

Masturbation Monday

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