February Photofest 2019

The Back Side

Kayla's naked butt for February Photofest 2019

I really like the angle of this image, and yet I find it difficult to share. I embrace my big butt, wide hips, and thick thighs. It’s ridiculous to pretend they don’t exist when they’re right there. But like so many of us, I get caught up in what other people will see. And the image I often present is the booty pop — back arched, knees slightly bent, butt out. It’s a good look, but so is this.

When flesh presses together, it rarely makes a perfect, clean line. Gravity defeats round asses…eventually. My skin isn’t perfect. There are scars and random hairs and stretch marks. And I’m okay with it all. I’ve finally gotten to an age where I don’t want to change every imperfection (though plenty of insecurities linger). This is real, this is me.

And it’s an example of what I would prefer to be doing this weekend — lying in bed, naked, showing off the view to John Brownstone, and enjoying his reaction. Instead, we’re nursing small ailments and trying to get work done. But I have no doubt that the moment we can, we’ll both get plenty of enjoyment out of my back side.

February Photofest

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