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She’s Always His Good Girl #sponsored @KnKiApp

“Are you my good girl, pet?”

Dahlia squirmed in her seat. Driving while talking to her sadistic Sir was always a bit of a gamble. Would he tease her until she was panting into the phone? Would today be the day she had to play with her clit at every red light in a torturous game of Red Light/Green Light?


Lost in thought, she’d forgotten to answer him. Oops.

“Yes, Sir. I’m always your good girl.” How did he bring out that purr in her voice?

“Good. I have a task for you. I’ll send you a message through Knki. Don’t look at it until you arrive. Got it?”

Oh thank God. Something she could do when she arrived at the hotel. Even if it was something kinky – like plugging her ass before going to the mixer – in a short skirt and thong, no less – like her last conference, she could handle it.

“Yes, Sir. Looking forward to it.”

He chuckled, a dark sound that send shivers up her spine.

“In the meantime, play with that pussy of mine after you hang up the phone. Finger yourself while you’re driving and play with your clit at the red lights.”

His evil laugh was still ringing in her ears after he disconnected the call without so much as an “I love you, pet.”

She huffed, knowing she was going be his good girl and make herself crazy. “Yes, Sir,” she mumbled.

One hand reached between her thighs. With no panties on – per Sir’s orders – nothing stood between probing fingertips and a slippery pussy. The tone of his voice and a command, and she was wet and ready for him.

Her body warmed to her touch, the sticky juices coating her fingers.

Aw hell, a red light. Finding her clit, she swirled and stroked around the tight bud, hoping she could control herself and keep her desire at a dull roar.

Greedy girl that she was – and Dahlia freely admitted it – she couldn’t keep her caresses light. Touching and stroking her body felt so good. The frisson of electricity racing up her thighs, meeting in her searing core, sending surges of desire throughout her entire body, intoxicated her. She needed more. Had to have more.

The light changed.

She let out a long sigh – somewhere between gratitude and disappointment. Thankful she wasn’t a writhing mess at the red light for anyone to see and a little bummed she couldn’t keep torturing herself for Sir.

Another red light. This time, she pressed down hard on the sensitive nub, until her hips bucked forward and her head fell back against the seat.

Honk! Shit, the light turned green. What is that guy next to me smiling about?

Oh. She’d forgotten herself…as usual.

Thankfully, the hotel was in sight. Valet or self-parking? One whiff of her car and a glance at her soaked hand sent her straight into the parking garage. Even she wasn’t brazen enough to let someone see her in this state and then get inhale the scent of her sex. Nope, so not happening.

She opened the app to check for Sir’s message and to let him know she arrived.

“I know you parked in the garage. Don’t want the valet to know what your cunt smells like. Too bad. He’d probably enjoy it. Take a picture of your tits and post it in the private gallery. Message me when it’s done.”

Of course she hadn’t parked at the edge or in a corner. Dahlia looked out across the parking garage. Could she get this done and well, knowing he’d make her do it again if the picture sucked – without being seen?

She breathed deep for a few moments. Just as she grasped the bottom of her shirt, an elderly couple pulled up beside her.

Ding! A message from Sir. Opening the app again, she hoped he hadn’t added more to her list.

“Oh, and go ahead and make that pretty cunt gush for me. Post a picture of your fingers or the wet spot, too.”

Blowing out another deep breath, Dahlia wondered if she could really pull this off without being caught. Maybe she should tell him she tried and failed and just take whatever punishment he dished out.

I don’t think I can do this. He wants this. Hell, I want this. I just don’t want to get caught. Fuck, always the good girl. Okay, here goes.

The little old couple was gone – or least behind her somewhere. With a quick glance around, she lifted her shirt, scanning the garage as she positioned her phone, and took the picture. Damn, even she had to admit they looked luscious. Her nipples were dark and tight. Her skin was soft and creamy. I hope he approves. 

She pulled her shirt down, added the photo to the feed and sent a quick message to let him know it was up. Now, time to make herself come without screaming down the whole garage.

One touch proved she was still soaked. Maybe even wetter than before. If she was honest with herself, the fear of getting caught was hot as hell.

Dahlia let her head fall back as she imagined what might happen if a security guard caught her out here, playing with her pussy, thinking naughty thoughts, and flashing her tits. Maybe he’d call her a bad girl.

Her entire body reacted to the thought. Her thighs closed down on her hand as her cunt spasmed around her fingers, gushing fluid and soaking her seat. Squeezing her eyes shut, she bit her bottom lip to hold back a scream of pleasure.

Gasping for breath, Dahlia took a quick look around. Still alone. Thank God. Well, she wasn’t giving any rides this weekend. No way did she want to explain the “scent” in here. Grateful for big orgasms and leather seats, she took a couple of quick pics and captioned them with: “Proof I’m always your good girl.”

She took a few moments to gather her thoughts before grabbing her luggage and heading to the lobby. Her phone rang.

Sir’s voice was warm in her ear. “You are always my good girl, and you make me so proud. Have fun this weekend, pet.”

And like that, he was gone again. If anyone noticed the warm glow in her face or the spring in her step, she didn’t mind. She’d had an orgasm, played in semi-public, and made a very demanding Sir proud. Like a good girl.

God, I love Marcus and Dahlia, and I don’t know why I don’t write about them more. I may pull all the different stories I’ve written about these two and compile it into something fun. We’ll see. This post was sponsored by Knki App – a BDSM and kinky dating app made by kinksters for kinksters. And yes, you and your significant other can use this app together – just like Marcus and Dahlia. 

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