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I encounter a lot of erotic authors – between social media, Masturbation Monday, and just being one myself, I’m surrounded by them. Some are great. Some not-so-much. Others are clearly writing using the get-rich-quick formula. Many more are simply writing the stories they want to read. J.B. Rogers is one of those writers. He/She (only J.B. knows) plays with gender and sexuality and kink, lots of it. Thanks to Masturbation Monday, I’ve had a chance to read a lot of J.B.’s writing, and even when it’s not something I’m familiar with, it’s always intriguing.

So of course I’m gonna pimp his/her out when he’s/she’s got a book out!

Even better, you can get a free copy with a coupon code from Smashwords between November 13 and November 15. How’s that for hella cool?

Okay, y’all know the drill. Read the info and if the excerpt gets your curiosity (or something else) roused, make sure to get your copy.

Measuring Up by J.B. Rogers

About Measuring Up

Sometimes the person closest to you is the one most out of reach…

Tish works behind the scenes in a sex club, making its real stars shine.
Jasmine is new to the scene, but she’s already a hit with the clientele.

An urgent favor brings them together for an unforgettable lunch date that may unlock the doors to their most hidden desires.

This erotic lesbian encounter is a contemporary short story (7000 words) that contains a variety of sexually explicit content and references, including light BDSM and heavy fantasies. It stands alone, but is best read between chapters six and seven of The Freshman’s Curse.

Excerpt from Measuring Up

Mistress Jasmine strolled around to the stool and leaned against it. “Anyway: costume. You’ve been to a couple of these, right? Talk to me.”

I tried to find the words, but something about her black latex dress was nagging me. Oh, God. I didn’t polish it after last time. Maybe…

I squared my shoulders and sent up a quick prayer. “Yes, Mistress Jasmine, but I’m afraid that dress is due for a polish. I really can’t let it out of here in that condition. Do you mind?”

Her lips curved wickedly. “Of course not… Patrissssshhhia. What do you need from me?”

I struggled to ignore the thrill that went through me as that sultry voice lingered over my full name. Lecture me. Degrade me. Take me over your knee and spank me until I beg for mercy. Make me earn your forgiveness.

I cleared my throat, shaking my head to chase the vivid image away. “Just stand still, Mistress Jasmine. I’ll do all the work.” And I’ll enjoy every second of it. I helped her down from the stool and fetched the bottle and chamois. I sprayed a few puffs onto her dress and started gently rubbing her back.

“Mmmmm, that’s good. Almost like a massage.”

“I live to serve, Mistress Jasmine. Just relax and enjoy; I’ll be done in a few minutes.” The taut rubber gleamed under the fresh coat of silicone, and I dropped into a squat as I reached the small of her back. That gorgeous derrière was inches from my face, and I longed to drop the chamois, pull her to me, and pleasure her like no pay-slave ever could… but I knew better. I bit my lip hard enough to make the urge pass, took a quiet breath, and brought the cloth to her right cheek. There. Cool and professional. For a moment, I thought I felt her pushing back against me, but I knew it was all in my head.

I stood, fresh out of excuses. Deep breath… I squared my shoulders and put my best just-business look on my face, and swept the soft cloth across her upper chest. She moaned softly, and I moved lower. Get a grip; it’s a common reaction. It doesn’t mean anything. Her nipples came to attention as she arched her back, pushing her breasts against my hand as I rubbed her chest to a mirror-bright shine, and I locked my desires away. Be professional. You know she’s not teasing you. Remember Domina. Her legs spread a few inches as I crossed her flat belly to the holy land between her thighs, not daring to linger long enough to do more than smooth out the skirt, and I was done. I sighed with relief as I put my supplies away, imagining I heard it echo behind me.

“So what now?”

“The polish needs to set for a few minutes, Mistress Jasmine.”

“During which you can tell me all about what to expect three weeks from now.”

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Pre-order is also available for Book One: Transformation (part of The Freshman’s Curse Series) to which Measuring Up is related.

Pre-order Book One: Transformation on Smashwords

Pre-order Book One: Transformation on Amazon

About J.B. Rogers

J.B. Rogers is not my real name. I choose not to disclose any personal information, not even my age or gender, because I want my work to stand or fall on its own merits. (There is an age on my Goodreads profile, because they require a birthday year. It may or may not be correct.) I write from whatever perspective I feel lends itself to an interesting story, whether or not I personally identify with it, but I always try to get it right. Feel free to refer to me by whichever pronouns you wish. I can’t very well complain about being misgendered if I don’t give you anything to work with, can I? 😉

You can find me on Twitter as @JB_Rogers, on Tumblr as jbrwrites, on Goodreads at, and on Smashwords at Sometimes I may hint at a sexual orientation, a personal kink, or my gender identity on one of those places. Don’t trust it. I find some people attractive because I’d like to screw them, some because I’d like to be them, and some because they’ve got excellent taste in fashion or tattoos or piercings. I dig some kinks because I want to try them, and others because I can’t imagine what people see in them.

I write from cisgender and transgender perspectives, with a variety of orientations and genders, and even (so far) one explicit scene between a couple whose sexes and genders were not revealed. Writing is a way for me to explore paths that are closed to me, as well as fantasies I’d like to live out. If you read my work trying to determine who I am, I hope you will be endlessly frustrated. If my personal preferences come through, I’m not doing my job correctly.

View all of J.B. Rogers books: Bibliography

Learn more about J.B. Rogers: Manifesto and About J.B.

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