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This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt asks us to revisit a story and revamp it or add to it. I have an idea to do something more with my Flutterflies and Fairies story so I thought I’d add to it for this week. 

Read the first story here: Flutterflies and Fairies

I should tell you about my seduction, shouldn’t I? Those two fairy men who found me in the woods and stripped away my clothing with a simple thought – they were just the beginning.

They didn’t know their own power over humans. Couldn’t have known. I was their first. When they were done with me, they could have left me there, mindless, frenzied with need for them. Thankfully, the fairy people are kinder than the fables about them.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Anger one, and they can send you to different times, turn you into nothing more than a beetle, or simply take your mind and leave a drooling fool who must constantly touch yourself to quench the need they’ll bury deep inside of you. Death by masturbation.

But I’ve gotten off track. Drooling imbeciles aren’t as much fun as young women and virile fairy men, everyone naked and curious, are they?

I might have been a virgin, but I wasn’t completely clueless. I’d found my porn on my sister’s laptop a year or two before. I’d even, with her help, ordered my first vibrator. Orgasms were almost too easy to achieve. No, I’m not bragging. I was simply young, nubile, and very curious. Toes curling, body writhing, juices dripping orgasms felt amazing. But no teenage boy came close to the young fairy I’d seen years before. No one held any appeal for me. Not until them.

They were different than the other I’d seen. Jet black hair with what I thought were streaks of silver. I was wrong. They were covered in stardust. Even their olive skin. I reached out to touch one just as he was touching me. A light stroke against his leg, almost to prove to myself they were truly standing in front of me. My fingers shone when I pulled them away.


I looked up at them, more confused than ever before. Had I done something wrong? Were they not really here?

“Star dust.”

Their voices were like nothing I’d heard before. Deep baritones. Not quite the lilt of the Irish, but close. They spoke in tandem, as if they had one voice, one thought, shared between them. When they crouched beside me, they moved together. Two halves of a whole.

Each fairy positioned himself on one side. Each cupped my breast, stroking a nipple, leaving a trail of glittery dust in their wake.

I didn’t know where to start or where to look. Nothing about this seemed real. Their touch gave off such a wave of heat that beads of perspiration sprang up around my body. As they continued their curious exploration, my breathing changed. I began to gasp and pant. Their touch was innocent, simple curiosity, and yet my body responded as if they’d set me on fire. Desire pulsed through my veins. My legs spread with no thought of what I did, what I offered. I could smell my own sex.

They responded to my obvious need. Already firm, glorious cocks grew impossibly bigger, twitching and pulsing. A drop of liquid formed at each tip, glistening and sparkling in the dim light. I looked down at their own obvious desire and reached out for them. In unison they stood.

I was terrified I’d offended them. Terrified they would leave, I whimpered, a strangled sound, all that I could manage.

But I was wrong. So wrong.

They had no idea what a taste of a fairy does to a human. Neither did I. Now, though, all these years later, we all know what happened.

Before I learned a hard lesson, though, I was a greedy, sexual young woman who could no more form a coherent thought in that moment than fly to the moon and back. Instead, I acted on impulse.

As they stood in front of me, I realized they weren’t leaving me, naked and wanton, by a stream in a forest. No, they were presenting themselves to me. Later I would learn this is their way. The female chooses. They were waiting for me to choose one of them.

I chose both.

Wrapping my hand around one cock, I leaned forward and licked the tip of the other. Both gasped and shuddered. They were connected, able to feel what the other felt. My tongue caused the other’s cock to weep further. My grasp and tug on the other sent shudders down the other. I only know this now. At the time, I imagined my young, untried caresses must have been the stuff of dreams and legends. I was Aphrodite, Bes, and Freya all rolled into one – at least in my own mind.

That one small touch. That one small taste. I had no idea it would catapult me into a world of wonder and sexual delight. I also did not realize that one encounter with two beautiful fairies might be my utter downfall.

All I knew, from the first taste, I was addicted and would never be the same again.

Wicked Wednesday

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