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Pimping another author’s book is fun for me. More so when I like the author (yay) and when they write something I can’t wait to read for myself. Suzy Ayers isn’t new to Shameless Promotions around here, but it has been a while. So I’m glad to have her back for her latest release, Saving Lady J! Check out the excerpt below – I had several to choose from, and they were all so good! If you like what you see, keep scrolling down and buy yourself a copy today, y’all.

Saving Lady J by Suzy Ayers

Saving Lady J

Jamie is a woman confused about who she is sexually. Her submissive side is constantly at war with her mouth.

She becomes involved with Julian, a man with secrets of his own, who becomes her slave.

When two dominant men enter Jamie and Julian’s life, Jamie’s world begins to unravel. As she attempts to help Julian fight his battles, she unwitting puts herself in harms way.


“Julian, I will call you pet or slave or any other pet names I might come up with.”

He nodded and looked up at me.

“I will collar you with a house collar when I see fit. You are my submissive. I don’t want you to be confused about that. I want to find a collar that suits you. I don’t want you doing bad behavior on purpose. You are free to speak to me, but not tell me what to do. Do you understand?”

He nodded.

“Yes or no?”


“Repeat after me: “Lady J owns my cock. I am not to touch it unless I need to for going pee. In fact from now on I will sit to pee, because I lost that privilege today”.”

He repeated me, while gritting his teeth.

“Lady J owns me. I am my own person who can take care of himself and will take care of her needs and her home,” I continued.

He repeated this as well.

“Anything you wish to add?”

“Please accept my apology for scaring you earlier. I run. It clears my head. I am not ready to tell you about last night. I’m sorry.” He looked remorsefully at me.

“I accept and it’s alright Julian. We have plenty of time to get to know each other. However, if the gun scares you or—”

His hand touched my thigh. “Please, don’t worry about me.”

I nodded. “Don’t interrupt.”

He smirked and looked down as if he was sorry.

“I am going to spank you now for your punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Get on the bed.

I knelt beside him and watched his butt flex in anticipation. I remembered the first time I spanked Ken fondly and grinned. I started slowly and worked up a pace. His white cheeks were starting to look pink. Listening to his gasps and watching him clench the sheets and squeeze his cheeks together turned me on. Despite the stinging beginning in my hand I continued on. I didn’t want to rub it. This was punishment after all.

“Please!” he called out.

“You will be silent and you are done when I say you are,” I said sternly. I aimed for the tops of his thighs and now had him spread his legs. He began to pant, as I came closer and closer to his balls. “I think that is good for now. Round two in a bit. Follow me to my room. I have work to do and you will stand where I can see you.”

“Yes, Lady J.” He groaned as he stood.

I watched him from the corner of my eye, as he wobbled out of the room. I had him stand against a wall in my bedroom. I just wanted to torture him. He had a fine ass and I was horny. I sat in my seat and swiveled watching him impatiently stand there. He leaned on his forearms, pressing his head against them. I laughed internally. This was going to be fun.

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