Touch Me Like You Do #SpankA2Z

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I know the song is called Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding, 50 Shades soundtrack), but the line that always, always comes to mind first is “Touch me like you do…”

It took me a while to admit to myself that I enjoyed this song, even as I was singing along and imagining John Brownstone doing all kinds of delicious things to me. I’m not a 50 Shades person so it was hard to imagine that books I care little for and a movie that didn’t impress me from the trailers (or subsequent reviews or interviews) could produce a song that spoke so clearly to me.

Until I talked to Mistress B one night while we all hung out. She hasn’t read the books but did watch the movie. She enjoyed it for what it was – a romance. She said, as we already know, the BDSM was bullshit, but she didn’t care. She has the soundtrack for the entire movie and loves to do scenes to the music.

In her words, “Love Me Like You Do is a song that every submissive should play for their Dominant.”

I don’t know about that because we don’t all feel the same about our Dominants, but I do that when he touches me, it’s this song that might autoplay in my head. I know it did this morning while one hand gripped my hair until tears formed in my eyes and the other roved across my body – a pinched nipple, a smacked cheek, a gentle stroke. Mmmmm.

T is for touch, y’all. I’m runnin’ like a crazy woman through the end of the alphabet because who’s vanilla family is arriving at the exact same time I need to write and be my kinky self? Yeah, this girl! Doing my best to be the “good girl” they know me to be and his good girl all at the same time. I’m spinnin’ plates, jugglin’ balls, and runnin’ around like a chicken with my head cut off (that’s three cliches in one sentence, y’all). 

Touch Me Like You Do

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