Masturbation Monday

Not All Rough Edges #MasturbationMonday

On my knees, forehead pressed into soft carpet, bottom swaying back and forth, hoping for attention. Submissive, enticing, and…asking for trouble. Of course, my definition of “trouble” isn’t like other people’s.

“What have we here? A wiggly babygirl?”

A warm, firm hand on my ass follows his teasing question. Mmmm, it feels so good. The heat from his palm seeps into my bones. I love his gentle touches as much as the sharp smacks. His warmth feels like love.

I melt into the floor, soothed, lulled.

A second passes. He reaches down and grabs my hair, pulling me to my feet. I gasp in surprise and pain. What’s happening? Where did gentle Daddy go?

I’m hauled up and over the bed, ass in the air, vulnerable. Excitement courses through my body. I’m damp, waiting for what happens next.


Two hard smacks on each cheek. I squeal with pain and pleasure. My mind still hasn’t caught up to the change in him.

“Get your ass up on this bed. Now, girl.”

The ferocity of his actions, the sharpness of the pain, and the purpose with which he’s moved me into position all work together to make me compliant and yet boneless. Moving is difficult.


“Don’t make me tell you again.”

God, I love that growl.

Once on the bed, I’m not sure what’s expected of me, but it doesn’t matter. My back is to him. He grabs my hips and pulls my ass into his groin. One hand reaches between my thighs and rubs my slit. I arch against him like a cat. Ohhhhhh that feels so good.

He guides his cock into my more than ready pussy and we both groan with pleasure. Fuck, that feels good.

His hands are everywhere. In my hair, yanking my head back and making my scalp burn. On my breast, squeezing and pinching. Around my throat. Finally, one hand grips my hair and the other covers my mouth. My lips are mashed against my teeth. My head is held to the bed. Any attempt at more movement or squeaky cries is met with more force.

I’m in heaven.

He thrusts and thrusts and thrusts. I’m lost in a sea ofย sensations. Just when I think I’ll fly away on a cloud of endorphins, he growls and arches his back, cumming hard, filling me to the brim.

One moment, he’s all rough edges and primal sadist. The next, I feel a gentle hand on my hair, stroking my head. The best of both worlds.

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Masturbation Monday

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