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Sharing Some Love #WickedWednesday

Well, this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt couldn’t have come at a better time. I was thinking about how I could say thanks to several people who’ve helped me out, been kind, or shown me a little love. Then I checked this week’s prompt: Spread the love.

Now, y’all know how I am. I love spreading love around. That sounds kinky, doesn’t it? Between Shameless Promotions for erotic authors to Masturbation Monday, I have no problem letting a better writer than me get some attention.

I also have no problem giving a better sex blogger some love, too. I simply have to share the latest episode of Molly Moore’s podcast with you. Okay, full disclosure, it’s me she’s talking to, but ever since the episode came out, people have said wonderful things about our conversation. John Brownstone himself said he was only going to listen to a few minutes and would catch the rest the next night and instead he sat through the longer-than-an-hour podcast. Bobbie Morgan was inspired enough to write an entire post about why women need girlfriends we can talk to about sex (and I agree wholeheartedly). Between that and the lovely Facebook and Twitter responses, I am blown away and give complete credit to Molly. She was easy to talk to and I had no problems opening up to her. (Oh, and for all the talk at the beginning about my supposed Southern accent, she has the loveliest British accent.)

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Kisscast, Episode 5 (Yes, that’s really me. Yes, I really sound like that.)

Hmmm, so what other love can I share with you?? I sort of want to spread it around, ya know? Rawr.

I know!!

I have received absolutely lovely reviews for Madame Gretchen. Ds Little One with Entangled by Words Book Blog was kind enough to review it, as well as Robin from Sizzling Hot Books. Their reviews came out this week. (That doesn’t even count everyone else who did reviews for me right after the release – you have to know I adore you all!)

And, finally, I want to show a little love to a few kinky resources I know about. I’ve received a couple of questions in different places for where to go to learn more about the lifestyle. Well, first, read any and all books by Mike Makai – that’s a good start. Second, I’ve got a few sites I recommend for people who want more info:

A Submissive’s Initiative (who was kind enough to share one of my posts earlier this week – thanks for that!)

Submissive Guide (lunaKM is a prolific writer and shares advice based on her own experience as well as what she’s learned over the years.)

Kinkly – I like this site for kinky and vanilla sex information. Some wonderful people I know write for them.

Okay, for one day, that may be enough love. To everyone who has reviewed my books, read my blogs, and shared a link, left a comment, or liked anything I’ve ever done – thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am not a good enough writer to express my thanks the way I’d like. ((HUGS))

Wicked Wednesday

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