Wicked Wednesday

We’re Better Together #WickedWednesday

Have you ever loved someone so much that when they’re near or you hear their voice, your entire world narrows down to only them? They’re all you see…they’re all that matters in that moment?

Sure, society tries to teach us that we shouldn’t let ourselves get too focused, too intent, too obsessed with one person. But in a healthy relationship, when you love someone so much that they’re all you see, the world opens up in ways that you never thought possible.

Yes, I have outside interests, goals I want to achieve, things I want to do, people I want to talk to. Yes, I have an existence outside of my relationship with John Brownstone. Of course I do.

But without him, the world would be less bright, less interesting, less exciting. It would cease to be a beautiful place full of possibility. It would once again grow cold and lonely, scary and dark.

We’re stronger together than apart. Alone, we’re still the people you might see standing in front of you, but come closer and you’ll see cracks and holes where we’ve stitched ourselves together imperfectly because we had to do it alone. We fill the gaps and cracks within each other.

We’re two halves of a whole. We complete each other. Yes, we’re independent and unique on our own, but we’re better together. Together we’re a unit. Together we can do things we never thought possible on our own.

Could we survive without the other? Of course.

Would we want to? No.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday. This week’s prompt was based on a song Nothing Really Matters by Mr. Probz. It was beautiful…and it got me thinking, as you can see. 

Wicked Wednesday

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