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Fondled to Sleep #MasturbationMonday

He was so tired. His week had been spent running around here, there, and yonder for family. Work drained him down to nothing. All he wanted to do was sleep, and each night, he struggled – which meant I struggled, so in-tune with him that each time he tossed, I turned, and each time he turned, I tossed.

I just wanted him to sleep.

The nights have slowly been cooling off. That night, the windows were open and he lay flat on his back on the bed…completely naked.

I love looking at him. I drink him in with all my senses…my eyes are riveted. I smell his scent. My mouth waters. My skin craves contact with his. I listen for his sounds of pleasure.

He was beginning to drift off. I knew if he couldn’t relax completely, he’d sleep badly – again.

I climbed into bed and planted sweet kisses down his chest and stomach. With only a second’s hesitation, I leaned over and kissed then licked his cock, in quick succession.

He gasped. I smiled.

I opened my mouth and let him feel the heat of my breath and the rasp of my tongue.

His body stiffened, and he grunted.

I licked and laved, paying attention to every inch of him. His hand reached down and softly stroked my hair.

I nibbled the head of his cock. I gently scraped my nails from his balls to the tip and back down again. My teeth followed suit.

He relaxed under my touch, his hands falling to his side.

I rested my cheek on his stomach and gently cradled his testicles in my hand, rolling and fondling, lost in my own little world.

A few moments later, I heard his soft snores and I smiled again.

“I think I fondled you to sleep, Daddy.” His snores were the only reply. “Good. Mission accomplished.”

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Sometimes it’s not about the orgasm. Sometimes it’s about relaxing completely. That’s all I wanted for him – and it worked. He woke up the next morning and fucked me senseless before the day began. Ok, make sure to click on the badge below and go see what masturbatory hotness is waiting for you this week!

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