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Welcome back to a two-part Masturbation Monday, thanks to D. Wilder!! If you haven’t read part one yet, go there NOW

Even the dragon seemed transfixed by his own penis. He cocked his wedge-shaped head, staring at himself. His golden eyes shone in the sun, their silver sparkles glittering. The dragon released his balls to let them hang above the base of his tail. The monster’s left stone hung a hint lower than its twin, tightening as he ran a single digit up the underside of his erection. He shivered in delight, his scales clicked together.

“Errrhhhn.” The dragon rumbled his pleasure.

Melira smirked. Naughty lizard was certainly enjoying himself. Come to think of it, she was enjoying the show more than expected as well. That hot bath couldn’t come soon enough. Not that she was about to rush out to offer her assistance. Though, that would be one way to negotiate with a young dragon. She shook her head, grinning. As if.

Meanwhile, the dragon seemed perplexed by his own hardness. He prodded at his tool, grunting when the rock-hard organ barely budged. He gave it a bump, and it bobbled but remained inflexible. Typical youthful male, Melira thought. As hard and ready as he’d ever be in all his life, yet totally unsure of how to use it. It was a shame the energy of youth and the experience of age didn’t do a better job of meeting in the middle. Still, there was a wicked surrealism to watching a dragon engage in something as innocently lewd as sexual self-exploration.

The dragon slowly pressed the pads of his paws against either side of his cock. He groaned to himself, lifting his hips to lightly thrust. Then he worked his paws back and forth, rolling his tapered red erection between his pads. From the way the dragon’s eyes went wide and his muzzle hung open, it must have felt heavenly.

“Ooooh!” The dragon groaned, tossing his horned head.

As the black dragon worked his scarlet spear between blue paws, Melira struggled to suppress the giggles rising up her throat. Pleasurable or not, it looked as though the creature were attempting to roll his own penis out like a length of bread dough. She shoved a knuckle between her teeth to keep from laughing and even then it was a battle she barely won.

The dragon worked his paws faster. He rolled his hips, thrusting against the warm softness of his pads. He groaned as he thrust harder, red cock rising and falling between indigo paws. Then the dragon gave a sudden, strangled cry and jerked his paws away from his tool.

His muzzle scrunched up, and his back arched as he thrust his erection up into the air. The dragon tensed up in that position, holding his breath. He balled up his paws in fists at his sides, his wings twitching and tail curling. The dragon’s maleness was left jutting out above his underbelly. It pulsed as a few dribbles of slightly milky pre-seed oozed from his pointed tip onto his belly scales.

Melira shook her head. Silly beast nearly came all over himself already. If he wished to take his time, that was a close call. She wasn’t going to complain if her former prey wanted to tease and deny himself release a while.

The dragon relaxed again as his body crept away from the blissful abyss. Soon he started playing with his nuts again. He laid his blue-marked head against the grass, tilting it so his horns did not get wedged into the ground. He rolled one ball around in his paw, then the other. Each little massage caused the dragon to groan and squirm a little bit. Soon, that curious paw drifted upwards once more, teasing at the ridges encircling the base of his bestial cock.

The dragon’s breath trembled as he played with his ridges. They must have been extra sensitive because the beast toyed with them delicately. He slowly worked blue-scaled fingers all the way around his crimson halberd. Then the dragon began to stroke himself, each stroke slow and measured. He moaned, tongue nearly hanging from his muzzle as he lifted his hips a little to push through his own paw.

The creature dropped his other foreleg back down. To Melira’s surprise, the young monster gave his hanging black balls a little swat. The orbs bounced and the dragon’s body jerked a little. He made a little yelping sound that Melira had to admit was sort of cute. Melira quirked a brow, grinning as the dragon swatted his eggs once again. The beast gave another little yelp, and pumped his cock harder in his paw.

“My, my.” Melira kept her whispers to herself. “You are a kinky thing, aren’t you?”

She kept her laugh hidden, shaking her head. Seeing the dragon exploring just what he liked, testing his body’s thresholds between pain and pleasure was a very intimate act to witness. In a way, Melira felt it was an even more private thing than simple masturbation.

The dragon lifted his head, curling his long neck to watch what he was doing. Melira saw the youthful excitement and wonder over his own body in the beast’s golden eyes. Those eyes were fixed on the blue paw stroking his red member. It was as if the dragon marveled at just how much pleasure came from so simple an act. He groaned his delight and humped at his paw.

He shifted his head to watch his own black balls jostle about. The stroking made the dragon’s testicles bounce and sway. As if tempted by the bobbling, he hoisted his free paw and gave his nuts another swat. This time he got carried away in his youthful exuberance. He gave a comical yowl of startled pain and his golden eyes bugged out as he curled to cup his aching stones.

Melira buried her face in the moss-covered tree trunk to keep babbles of laughter from spilling over her lips. Silly dragon. What did he think was going to happen if he whacked himself in the nuts? Ah, the curiosities and overexcitement of youth.

Not that Melira had ever accidentally hurt herself a little when exploring her own body. She’d certainly never gotten into experimenting with her own pain and pleasure thresholds. And she’d definitely never gotten carried away and twisted one of her own nipples too far for comfort and cried out in surprise.

Nope, never.

Well, maybe once.

Three times.

Luckily for the dragon, he was quick to recover. As he uncurled, it was clear he was still as rigid as ever. Careful of his wings, he rolled over onto all fours. After pushing himself to his feet, he raised a forepaw and lapped away at his paw pads. Melira wasn’t sure if he felt he needed a bath or wanted to taste himself. Then the dragon reached back to grasp his member and began to stroke.

Ah, so that was what the licking was for. Smart beast.

With the added lubrication, the dragon rocked his hips and began to thrust into his own paw. As he humped his paw, the beast growled and snapped his jaws as though biting the neck of some unfortunate female. Or would that be a fortunate female? His species seemed to like it rough.

Melira watched the dragon reposition himself. He lowered his plated chest to the ground and hoisted his hind end for greater thrusting leverage. His spined tail curled and flagged as he pumped harder. His breath came in heated pants. From her hiding place, Melira had an excellent view of the dragon’s lightly arched cock sliding back and forth through his grasp. Behind it, his balls bobbled and swayed, bouncing off the side of his blue-scaled paw.

Before she could stop herself, Melira slipped a few fingers down inside her breeches. Not exactly ideal masturbation conditions, what with clothes and armor, and the dragon and all. But since she decided to stay and watch, she might as well enjoy herself too. Thanks to the dragon’s display, sweat from the trek through the forest was not the only wetness she was dealing with anymore.

Melira pushed her fingers past coils of scarlet hair till her fingertips brushed the soft folds of her sex. Until she was safe in the bath, she’d have to make do with the simplest means of pleasure. Risking her life wasn’t worth the benefit of removing her clothing. Melira stroked the damp cleft of her flesh a few times. Arousal moistened her fingers, and soon Melira rolled one of them around her clit. The pleasure was warm and wonderful, and she sucked in a shuddering breath. She’d have to be quiet.

The dragon, however, was under no such restrictions. Ever-louder sounds of bestial pleasure rose from his throat. He thrust steadily for long moments, growling and snarling his growing bliss. Then he paused, letting his body relax again before returning to his fun. Soon the creature had built a rhythm. He moved through long moments of stroking and thrusting followed by periods where he worked to catch his breath or play with his balls.

Once he nearly went too far again. He gasped and yanked his paw away from his shaft, hips instinctively thrusting into the air. A single spurt of thick white seed burst from his tip, dribbling down the black scales of his belly. The dragon’s cock throbbed yet by sheer will the monster kept himself from his full orgasm. It was impressive, and it gave Melira time to catch up.

Throughout the dragon’s inadvertent show, Melira rolled her clit beneath her fingers. Normally Melira enjoyed taking her time the same way the dragon was. She loved to tease herself, play with her breasts and draw out her pleasure. Sometimes she even enjoyed adding a little sting to her fun. Given her current circumstances, she’d take what she could get. At least she was blessed in that when she just wanted to get off, all she ever had to do was toy with her clit a while. Not quite as easy as a man giving himself a quick stroke, but better than some women she knew who had to really work for it.

Melira smiled as the dragon teased his balls again. He groaned and shuddered as he rolled them in his paw. His shiver caused his scales to click like chattering insects. The dragon tugged his balls, making his lightly arched maleness jut out from his belly scales a little more. He ducked his horned head to watch the way everything moved.

Melira found his fascination with his own body amusing. She wasn’t sure if the dragon was more inexperienced or narcissistic. In a way, it almost made Melira miss the days when her body was totally new to her. She’d just have to make do with times like this. Besides, there was a benefit to knowing just what to do to get herself off.

Melira worked her fingers deftly around her clit again as the dragon returned to thrusting into his paw. The pleasure was growing stronger with every swirl of her fingers. If she wasn’t careful, she was going to finish before the show ended. Or at least she would have, had the dragon not chosen that moment to stroke himself a little too far beyond the point of no return.

“Aaah!” The dragon cried out in delight, his thrusts growing frantic and uneven against his paw. “Yes!” The fact the beast spoke aloud in the common tongue almost startled Melira out of her own pleasured reverie. Almost. “Yes! Yessssss! Gods, I’m shooooting!”

“Yes, you are,” Melira hissed to herself, watching the dragon’s thrusts grow desperate. “That’s it, you wicked thing, shoot your seed in your paw!”

Which was exactly what the dragon did. The young beast threw his head back in a feral roar of delight as he came. All the spiky frills around his head flared out in an expression of pure draconic bliss. His balls tightened up beneath his spined tail. As his cock began to pulse in time with his heartbeat, the dragon’s tail flagged along with it.

A thick burst of heavy, white dragon cream erupted and grazed his belly scales before splattering the ground beneath him. The second spurt crashed against his chest plates in a splattering cascade. Another burst of semen followed it, and another. All the while the dragon snarled and trembled, stroked and thrust, relishing the hot, primal pleasures of ejaculation.

Melira was relishing pleasures of her own. She bit her lip and her fingers grew frantic as she felt her own climax approaching. She clamped her jaws down and squeezed her eyes shut, doing all she could to keep quiet as she came. Even then, it was a fight to keep silent as the surging, rhythmic pleasure washed through her. Her breath seized in her lungs. Her body trembled, she dug the fingers of her free hand into the mossy tree she leaned against. Her bliss washed over her fingers, staining her breeches. Nothing a good bath and a laundry tub wouldn’t clean.

In the distance, the dragon’s roars and snarls died to quiet moans. Melira cracked her eyes open, smiling at the sight of the creature once more stretched upon the grass. His black scales were now marked with nearly as much white as they were blue. His eyes were closed, and all his limbs and both wings seemed to have settled at random angles. The spent beast looked the picture of tired satisfaction.

Melira followed the dragon’s lead, relaxing as she settled into her afterglow. Her fingers stilled before she withdrew her hand from her stained breeches. For a few moments, she let her mind drift upon the endless ocean of calm satisfaction. Her breathing eased. As her thoughts settled, she considered what she’d just done.

She’d just watched a dragon masturbate. She never expected –

“You know…” A voice rumbled from just inches away. Melira’s eyes flew open to find the dragon’s blue-marked snout hovering before her face. His golden eyes were fixed upon her. “If all you wanted to do was watch me masturbate, you should have said so. I always wanted to do that while someone watched.”

Melira was stunned speechless. Had the bastard known the whole time? She stared at the beast and he blinked at her, cocking his head. Instinctively Melira’s hand drifted to her sword, ready to draw it in an instant. The dragon saw the movement and surged forward. He snarled, pushing his paws against her. Melira cried out in pain as the dragon bore her to the ground. She tried to draw her sword, but the dragon grasped her arm and twisted it away from her weapon.

“I let you watch me play with myself, and you go for your sword?” The dragon hissed at her. Hot breath washed over her face. He narrowed his gleaming eyes. “Not very polite of you. I don’t know what you’re really doing out here, but if it’s all the same to you I’d rather keep my blood inside my body. And my head attached to my neck.”

Melira twisted in his grasp, considering her options. Her other hand was free, she could go for a dagger, or some of her poisons and powders. Yet in the back of her mind she knew the dragon could have killed her already. So far, he had shown her mercy instead. Just as she’d hoped to show the dragon when she realized he was still young. Apparently not as young and naïve as she thought. She swallowed, looking her captor over for options. Something dribbled from the dragon’s belly onto her pants.

“You’re getting your seed on my clothes.” Melira glared up at the dragon. Dismay and humiliation settled heavily upon her. If he knew she was there the whole time, he wasn’t just teasing and exploring himself, he was showing off.

“You should have considered that before you went for your blade.” The dragon lifted his spines and licked his nose. “Now, what shall I do with you, hmm?”

“Actually, I’ve got something for you to consider, Dragon.” Melira grit her teeth, trying to growl the way she imagined an angry dragoness might.

“Oh?” The dragon pulled his wedge-shaped head back just a little bit, his neck curling into an S shape. “And what would that be?”

Melira smirked. “The location of my boot!”

The dragon blinked in confusion. “Your boot? What are you babbling about?” He ducked his head to peer beneath himself.

Melira launched her booted foot off the ground and straight into the dragon’s testicles.

“AWWWWRHHH!” The young dragon’s eyes crossed and nearly rolled right out of their sockets as he crumpled sideways. He curled up on the ground with a loud groan. “Oooooh, my stones!”

The moment the dragon was down, Melira leapt to her feet and drew her sword. She waved the blade at the fallen beast. “Consider that inspired by your show.” Melira took a few steps. “I wasn’t going to hurt you, but you didn’t give me a choice.”

“Nrrrrrhhhh!” The scaly creature wriggled a little, his face and muzzle scrunched. “Gods! Awww! Right in the left one!”

Hearing that come from a dragon’s mouth finally brought forth all the laughter Melira had been trying to hide. There was just something she liked about this odd young dragon. She sheathed her blade, laughing and shaking her head. Through her laughter, she called out to him as she backed away. “We’ll call this a draw, Dragon! There’s a bounty on your head, you know. If I were you, I’d take my scaly ass somewhere far away once I could walk straight again.”

“Get mounted,” the dragon muttered under his breath, trying to push himself back up to his feet.

“I mean it.” Melira was quiet a moment, glancing into the forest. “Not everyone will be as merciful as me.” Before the dragon had a chance to reconsider his mercy, Melira bounded into the forest. Time for that hot bath. As she ran, she laughed and called back through the trees to the dragon.

“Thanks for the show!”

Wow, right?? This is an author we need to keep our eyes on, if you ask me.

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